Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas with the Clarks part 1

yes, Xander's shirt says "my aunt rocks"

well the best part of Christmas was having Joette around, especially for the girls. Kenzie and Julia are still in denial that Joette has returned home. Kenzie cried for about 20 minutes on the car ride home from the airport.

"I didn't want Joette to leave. We need to sing more songs on the piano. I am so sad." She went on and on and on.

anyway, I will talk about all that great fun stuff in part 2.

Christmas was wonderful but a little stressful at first. Only because it was Dec 13th and we were still renovating the living room. We finally just stopped in our tracks and went and got our tree. I LOVE LOVE LOVE decorating the house for Christmas.- and I was so anxious to get done with the room- so before we could finish the top shelf of the board and batten and put the crown up- we just said, "happy holidays" and quit working on the room- but oh how much I love the room- even unfinished. I just LOVE IT. It finally feels like coming home when I walk through the front door.



we still need to do touch-ups- tape and re-paint
get curtains- although the white sheets from Savers are actually kind of cute
crown moulding
top shelf part of board and batten
and finish decorating

but I love it already- once we are 100% complete I will post more about all the details and how to's of this big project- we ran into a few big messes along the way (of course)

the reindeer that was given to Mom by her first boyfriend

Emily's famous advent calendar which happens to also be the cause of many fights with the girls :)

Emily's nativity- Emily is the main supplier to the Christmas decor around here

'tis the season to be jolly

I just love this Santa

The mistletoe that would hit Chay's head every time he walked under it- let's just say it didn't put him in the kissing mood...

ok well that about wraps up Christmas with the Clarks part 1. "Wraps up" get it??? Ok I'm tired. Good night.


Heather said...

ummm hi... how lovely is your room! I love that you have a piano as the focus of the room! so cool! And you guys did a great job making it look great with the finish work. my house really needs some molding and something to make it look cozy and nice. sigh... I like your christmas decorations too. Very festive!

Lindsay Heiser said...

April!! I LOVE it! Seriously looks so great. I love the white wainscoting and the built in shelves. Did you do the wainscoting by yourself? I hear that it's pretty easy to do and we were wanting to do it in a few rooms in our house... we are not very handy people though. So we'll see! Love all the Christmas decor as well =)

Me~Kelly said...

I have to admit I am jealous. Those are my colors! Did I say jealous? I mean insane with jealousy. That room looks pretty enough for a magazine.
U should look into how this skill can bring u some extra cash. Not everyone has such an eye for this. I will be your first client, come re-do my house :)

Emily Taylor said...

It looks so amazing. Wow, so different from when I was there. You are right the red and turquoise look so cute together.

Tiffani said...

I am in love with your new room! April come do my looks more than fabulous.

Anonymous said...

oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh. oh my gosh. when can you and chay come and do this in my home. INCREDIBLE April! I'm totally blown away. We need to chat about details. Love you! Janna

Anonymous said...

this is Janna that Joette was there...Xander looks like a mini Chay....and what the heck does falala mean? Is that Portugese for family? Bwa ha ha.

Tami said...

It looks AMAZING!!! I love it!

Anonymous said...

What a truly adorable home you have! I love your style lil mama ;)

your blog is adorable