Wednesday, February 23, 2011

CCSVI jugular veins Multiple Sclerosis angioplasty angiogram

CCSVI jugular veins Multiple sclerosis angioplasty angiogram CCSVI jugular veins Multiple sclerosis angioplasty angiogram CCSVI jugular veins Multiple sclerosis angioplasty angiogram CCSVI jugular veins Multiple sclerosis angioplasty angiogram

Ok so how's that for a little Search Engine Optimization???

I've had many phone calls and inquiries through the blog, email, and facebook about my angioplasty procedure that was done on my jugular veins in December to help alleviate some symptoms with Multiple Sclerosis. Wow that was a long sentence-

I'm also receiving a huge traffic load on the blog when I write about CCSVI and unblocking my veins...from people all over the world.

anyway so I thought maybe I should update and tell all how I'm feeling. This blog is not solely a MS recovery/healing blog. No way. I actually like to pretend that I don't even have MS...and there are so many more interesting things to talk about or worry about in my, I am blessed to not be completely debilitated by the disease.

But I do update and talk about MS every now and then. I also have a link on my sidebar titled "healing" that will direct you to all my posts about my health and MS.

I'm already bored.

Ok on December 21 I had an angiogram type procedure done on both of my jugular veins. According to a ultra sound to the neck, it was obvious that my veins were blocked and that my body had compensated the lack of blood flow by producing little capillaries that were somewhat efficient...I mean I'm alive and breathing right? But according to Dr. Lamboni, the founding expert on blocked jugular veins contributing to MS, blocked jugular veins explains the extra iron deposits in MS patients' brains and the hardening of the mylen sheath in brain cells.

ok so after the procedure was done I felt normal...that first week I really couldn't tell anything was different. I WAS not looking for a cure-all. I was just curious and thought I should just do all I can to improve my health. I didn't want to get overly excited. Well 2 weeks after the procedure I decided to hit the gym and see how I would perform. My left side, which gets super weak when I exercise, felt a little stronger than normal. After working out I didn't feel I would collapse like I usually do but actually felt those natural endorphins kicking in. I felt great. By the third day of working out, I felt my left side start to get weak again during the work out- but then it went away. It was kind of like when you first turn on the outside faucet in the spring after a long winter- you know, where the pressure is working its way through the pipes and water will randomly shoot out and air pockets will burst???? It felt sort of like that when exercising. My left side would go weak and then it would feel strong again. It was so exciting for me- almost emotional.

I started to run again! I even sprinted around the health club's track and I couldn't believe that I wasn't dizzy. The next morning, I was just sore...not horrifically sore and immensely painful like usual.

By the 2nd week, I also noticed that I could get up off the floor with ease and my joints weren't on fire! I wasn't nearly as stiff. I had an overall feeling of aliveness. Is that a word? I just felt a little more present. Subtle subtle but an obvious uplifting feeling of some kind. More energy...more strength...more of something...I just can't explain it.

Well it has now been 2 months since the procedure and I'm starting to wish the Dr. would have implanted a stent instead of just ballooning the vein, because I feel some of the symptoms are coming back. My dizzy spells, which are minor, are coming back and happen a lot through out the day. My joints are starting to get stiff again...just slightly. But I'm optimistic and I will just keep telling myself that I am strong, I am better...and just saying that alone seems to help.

I do have on the agenda to return to the Doctor who performed the procedure and have my veins looked at and see if they are actually blocked again or returning to their previous state.

Well that's about it for now.

I do feel better. I am also more hopeful. I just keep looking forward-

I hope this was hopeful and helpful to some. Questions??? ask away.


Levi and Cynthia Wilde said...

Oh my goodness April...thanks for the update. I'm always randomly wondering how all that is going for you and how you are doing. I guess there are always ups and downs to everything. However it appears you have a pretty positive attitude and sometimes that can make all the least in my opinion. Well I really honestly hope that those "changes" you have experienced stay around for along time. You are a strong person you know.

EvanDouglas said...

Varicose veins are enlarged, weakened, dilated veins that have permanently lost their ability to transport blood from the legs to protect the heart against the force of gravity.


Susan Rowan said...

I had my liberation procedure on February 14, 2012. I have been doing pretty well every since. I am not running/sprinting, but my walking seems to be better..along with my balance and doing the stairs. Simple things like crossing my leg using my left leg used to be hard. I used to have to use my arms to pull my leg up. No more.... My neuro says I am much stronger and I am happy with the results. I am so glad you are doing so well.