Tuesday, February 15, 2011

v day

I think Valentine's day is fun.

I'm a new mommy. Still figuring out the holiday-celebrating-with-children-thing...I think there were improvements from last year. Kids really do make things come alive. Everything is so much more fun with a child around.

Kenzie's abstract art. This thing is going in a frame. Sorry the flash stole from the piece...but that is a popsicle stick, paint and heart sponge. I love it. Prodigy???

my $1 thrift store find

all you need is love

learned to blanket stitch out of boredom one day

and of course the best gift ever: a classic letter from Chay

and it must be shared with all

It reads:

I love you more than

a fat kid loves easy cheese.
Chuck Norris loves to round house kick to the face.
Homer Simpson loves Duff Beer.
A squeem can hug.
Trailer Trash loves monster truck racing or Destruction Derby.
A nasty hangover loves the toilet.
Gollum loves the ring. (my precious)
Kenzie and Ju Ju love Sleeping Beauty.
I love foot and back massages.

You're the

pepper jack cheese to my $5 Spicy Italian sub
laughter to my cheesy jokes
butterflies to my tabletops
charm to my sideburns
milk to my oreos

Happy Valentine's Day April. I love you.


ok well...besides making cookies and eating too much almond butter cream frosting-yumminess- that's about it for our v day experience at our house...well I mean for what can be shared on a blog anyway :)


Dorene said...

April... your valentines day letter from Chay is priceless! I love it. You are blessed my dear and I'm sure you know it!
I think of you fondly all the time... best to you and your adorable family!!
Aunt Dorene

Levi and Cynthia Wilde said...

I love that letter! That is seriously the best.
I also love the almond extract frosting recipe! That is so sugary but so good! Thanks!

JP Anderson said...

I could spot Chay's penmanship a mile away. That's how good of friends we are. Obviously not as good as you two though since I got no such letter.

Lisa said...

That is so funny! loved the love letter!