Friday, March 04, 2011

7 months almost 8

let's try again

Can you see why I have reason to smile (most) of the day? I feel so dang lucky.

Hope you enjoy family- my family so far far away. We miss you.


Levi and Cynthia Wilde said...

I love his loud breathing and his squeals of excitement! What a little cutie!

The Wright Stuff said...

I love the "Hot breath pant" . Berkley does that and I absolutely LOVE IT! He is so dang cute!

The Heiser Clan said...

He is so darling.. love it. Seems like such a happy little guy. I can't believe how light his hair has gotten.. he is a blonde little Chay =)

Anonymous said...

april! he is so cute and super tall!
thanks for sharing a video from him, i was already missing him from your blog lately, by the way he is so blonde! wow! i am guessing chay used to be blonde when he was a baby???
which color of eyes Xander has? it is hard to tell
hugs from the tomblin's
p.s. this is lorena tomblin

Tara said...

Very adorable mini Chay. I love his mismatching socks, too :) Gage is wanting to come to your house - wants to see all of his cool cousins.

Tiffani said...

Oh, it would be fun to just play with him all day! I love his heavy breathing and excitement. What a doll!

Calie said...

Oh So sweet! He is darling. I want to just eat him up. Thank you for sharing a portion of him on your blog. Love you April!