Sunday, March 13, 2011

thank you

ok, I am so blessed.

I am surrounded by the most beautiful people.

I treasure my dear friends.

Thank you for all the advice on Xander and his sleeping issues. I loved ALL of it. I love that as mothers we are trying the best we can.

Marne sent me the book "The Baby Whisperer" AMAZING! I just love that lady. I read most of the book in a couple hours. And I love that she writes "poppycock" whenever she disagrees with something. I felt really good inside when reading that book- I think she speaks truth when it comes to taking care of babies.

Well...for 3 nights now Xander is SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT!!!!!! My dear friend Cami told me to stop feeding Xander at night. Her words, "You can comfort them and reassure them all you want, but let them know 'the cafeteria is closed for the night". Great advice.

I let him cry for maybe 45 minutes one night and once he figured out he wasn't going to be fed, he fell asleep. He hasn't woken up since???? What on earth? Crazy how fast and quick that was.

I will tell you, the first couple nights of not feeding him, I woke up with a power boob wonder. (I only produce milk on one side) and holy smokes- ENGORGED. I ran into Xander's room at 7 am and practically demanded him to SUCK. Plus he was so happy to see me...and I him.

Breastfeeding- so weird, so great.

Ok, one hump in the road taken care on to 50 other parts of my life that need improvement.


Tonya said...

That books came in HANDY! Wished I had it with my 1st baby.

Sharstin said...
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The Heiser Clan said...

Are you serious April??! That's amazing. I've heard great things about that book. I'm so glad that you are both getting a good nights sleep... there is not a better feeling than that!

Lola has been randomly getting up at midnight for about a week now... I guess its time for me to buckle down again!

lore said...

where is the LIKE button in your BLOG?