Tuesday, November 22, 2011

anniversary dinner

Tonight at the restaurant I began to tell Chay about my day. We were alone for once. The food was good.

I started to tell Chay about how I was helping Maria make pumpkin pies today and how she didn't have any ground cloves and that I was supposed to use pumpkin pie spice instead but the ginger and cinnamon were already added by mistake so I had to walk over to Cami's house and borrow some ground cloves...

and then I stopped in the middle of my story and looked at Chay...he was sort of just staring at me...kind of lost in my story but really trying to listen and I just started to laugh so hard...I was wheezing I was laughing so hard. I could hardly speak but I managed to get the words out in my uncontrollable laughter "I'm telling you the most boring story in the world and you're trying so hard to listen."

Chay started to laugh with me. He admitted my story was pretty lame.

We then ate some pie. He got Lemon, I got Coconut Cream. He let me have a bite of his, I forgot to share any of mine with him.

We then started to giggle about the man in the booth kitty-corner to us who was trying to clear his throat or politely hock up stuff. The man's efforts weren't successful. The embarrassing sounds were every 5-10 seconds. We were timing them.

I was then so excited to tell Chay that I read the other day on UrbanDictionary.com that the word "loogie" is actually slang for slang- originating from the slang saying "lung cookie" I knew that would make Chay laugh...and it did. 

But then I started to get kind of grossed out. 

We of course talked about the storm of trials that have come upon us this last month...and we sort of chuckled about our life. 
I told Chay: "Faith precedes the miracle and Heavenly Father will help us get through this." 
Chay told me: "I think the waitress just winked at me"
I told Chay: "She didn't wink at you, she has fake eyelashes and they're starting to droop"

We talked about pie, cars, and getting older. I jokingly talked about selling cheese balls for money. 

We left the restaurant not saying much more. The car ride was mostly quiet until we got home. 

Safe. Content. Peace. Comfortable. Interesting. Fun. Love. Commitment. Forever.   

I love you Chay. Happy 8 years.  


Lisa said...

That was cute! And very sweet! happy Anniversary!

Calie said...

I loved reading this April. You have such a way of writing...it really is a wonderful talent of yours. I felt like I was right there with you in that restaurant listening to the loogie explanation :) hahaha Love you guys. Hope the next 8 years are just as wonderful.

Tara said...

I've had my fair share of hacking. Good to know where the term "loogie" came from. Sorry you guys have had such a rough month. Hopefully the next one will be awesome.

Jessica said...

I love this! You guys are awesome!

Co said...

This doesn't really apply to this post, but I don't know where else to find you... :)

This morning I was preparing my first EVER YW lesson. I am comfortable teaching adults... and small children. But youth? Never done it. I was worrying a little. How will I reach these girls. Then the thoughts came...

EDK was a YW teacher. The girls loved her. How did she relate to them? She was "older", gray haired.

Then I was strongly impressed with these thoughts. EDK loved the gospel. She shared her testimony and love of the gospel. And she loved the girls. That was all.

So I tell you this so that you can know that your mother still influences my life... I taught with confidence this morning!! Love you! Collette

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