Saturday, October 27, 2012

a sure foundation

Heather Smith made this print for my family. Thank you Heather. I love you...and yet I haven't ever met you in person...who knew 15 years ago we would have internet best friends some day. I sometimes get weepy when I think about you and your amazing example. I love strong faithful people! 

Ok, this is the Clark scripture for the year. I introduce a family scripture at the beginning of the school year. So since Kenzie is only in 1st grade- this is only the 2nd year we've been doing this little neat tradition. We display it in the house where we can see it often. We have a huge 16X20 of this print staring at us by the piano. We tape a 5X7 of the scripture on everyone's headboard. They are falling off and pillows have bent them but oh well. We also memorize the scripture. Memorizing anything is a challenge for me. 

I have always been familiar with Helaman 5:12 but for some reason at this time in my life this scripture brings much peace and comfort and I knew our family needed to memorize it and look at it often this year. Among the chaos of watching conference with little kids, we were all pretty excited when Elder Neil A. Anderson quoted our scripture in his conference talk. Kenzie and Ju Ju's eyes got so big...and the best part is we were able to say it with him as Elder Anderson shared it. 

Kenzie surprised me the other day. I wasn't sure if my kids were even interested in memorizing such a long scripture. For awhile I was pretty convinced it was an impossible task for little ones but out of the blue one day when we were about to have family scripture time, Kenzie blurts out the whole scripture word for word by heart. I couldn't believe it! Her little brain, her little spirit, her little desire, her little was touching and strengthening to Chay and I to hear her quote the entire scripture. 

Now, if  I could only get her to memorize the stuff she is tested on at school...

I know that if we build our lives upon Christ, we will not fall. I love this promise.

There is power in the scriptures. How grateful we are to have direction in our lives when everything in the world seems to be "falling" apart around us. 

Have you seen the bible videos yet? Check out this powerful one of the sermon on the mount: 

Today I am grateful for scriptures.