Thursday, November 15, 2012

blam mmmooh caa shookie?

blam mmmooh caa shookie?

This is what Xander used to hear when we asked him, 

"Do you want a cookie?" 

Xander failed his hearing test a couple weeks back. The doctor said everything sounds underwater to him because of all the fluid in his ears.

I have fond memories of talking to my friends secretly underwater so no one above water could hear? Remember that? Oh the days of swimming the summer away. 

Xander had minor surgery on Monday and got the "tubes". He still talks like how we used to sound to him bloo shopie makkinmmmm. I am hopeful he will be able to recite the whole Pledge of Allegiance perfectly by next Monday. I want that boy to talk!!  

Then on Tuesday Julia dislocated Xander's elbow. I thought it was broken. He was a sad sad sight.We rushed him to the Doctor's. So much pain until the radiologist popped it back in place when they were doing X-rays. He went from being lethargic and teary eyed to running around again in a matter of minutes.

I FINALLY found an awesome doctor for the kids.

Yes, Julia and Xander were at each other again. If you're wondering what exactly happened. I actually didn't see what happened, but I can only imagine. Julia was marking her territory again and Xander kept breaking her rules. Siblings! 

Wednesday we said goodbye to Chuka our cat- spent $120 bucks to put her to sleep at some fancy veterinarian's office.  

Hopefully the rest of the week will be cheaper, uneventful and boring. 


Tara said...

Oh goodness. Talk about a bad week for you! I hope the tubes help out Xander.

And poor Xander buddy with the elbow. Yikes! Glad they were able to "fix" it so quickly. Sounds very very painful.

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