Wednesday, November 14, 2012


I ran over our cat today with my big suburban.

Her name was Chuka. I don't even like cats but I liked Chuka. She came to my backdoor one day starving. I fed her. I would pet her. I fed her some more. The kids were instantly in love with her. She came by everyday and  loved all the attention from the kids. She didn't mind being held or dragged across the lawn by little hands.

Eventually she made our place her home. The mom in me started to really care for her and I even bought the more expensive canned cat food for her to eat. That isn't like me at all. Chay would just smile at how much I liked this random cat.

I found Xander today laying down on the back porch with Chuka just petting her and loving every minute.

We all got in the suburban this afternoon and as I was backing out and I felt a bump. Chuka runs off with her back legs dragging. I panicked.

I rushed her to the vet. A vet. Can you believe that? I grew up with a Dad who would just put animals out of their misery with his 22 rifle. I cried all the way to the veterinarian's office. The vet told me Chuka's tale needed to be amputated and her pelvis was obviously crushed and the X rays would tell what kind of surgery she would need. $$$$$$ I told them to put her to sleep instead and I just started bawling. Ju Ju and Xander kissed her goodbye and we walked out the door.

I cried and cried and then Julia cried and cried. Xander kept saying bye bye. I did the whole "heaven talk" to give them hope. I break parenting rules often when it comes to "being strong". I simply don't agree that Mom's and Dad's shouldn't show emotion in front of their children. Where did that rule come from? We all mourned together and now it's time for bed and we feel somewhat better. Well not really.

Kenzie is still numb to it all and she is reacting out of anger towards everyone. Hopefully she just starts crying soon and lets it all go. She was at school when it all happened.

Stupid cat. I really liked you. Chay is equally as sad which breaks my heart because Chay has a real love for animals.

I cried so much today- over this animal we wouldn't even let inside the house. I just loved how much the kids enjoyed her and how she always purred and loved to be pet.

At least we got to say goodbye to Chuka. It seemed when I was little our family had super bad luck keeping cats alive. A man was using a swather on our alfalfa fields and well let's just say our cat didn't have a chance once the blades got her. We had another cat's head get smashed in the garage door. Another cat used to sleep inside the lawnmower catch bag...Bryon started up the lawn mower one day and well...yeah, not good.

oh stinky life. I miss you Chuka. Thank you for making my kids smile every time they walked out the backdoor.


Tara said...

So sad to hear! I am totally out of it - didn't know you had a cat.

Hope you'll all be comforted. Hugs from all of us.

Chay said...

Chuka was the coolest cat. Julia told April that we still have two more cans of "the good cat food" for her to eat. I miss that dang cat. In the mornings as I would walk to my car to go to work Chuka would meow so loud and want attention so bad it would almost drive me bonkers. Dang cat, I miss you and your constant need for attention. I reassured JuJu tonight that Chuka is in heaven and they'll feed her "the good can food" every day.

Tiffani said...

Oh, I know how it feels when a pet dies. My girls have mourned the loss of several animals in the past 18 months. It never gets easier. Sorry about Chuka, hopefully another wonderful cat finds your home for your children to love.

Emily Taylor said...

Is it messed up that I'm sad and laughing a little at the same time. Sad that you lost your sweet cat, but laughing that you had one to begin with, and that it ended so tragically.

Hmmm, do I sense a good Christmas idea. Kitten in a stocking from Santa?

Anonymous said...
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Epsillon. said...

thats sad :<