Sunday, September 07, 2014


Sometimes when I bear my testimony I replay what I said afterwards and I get so embarrassed. I think to myself, oh my gosh they must think I'm holier than thou or that didn't make sense...

I really shouldn't care and I keep bearing my testimony often so I must not truly care- but I get a sting of embarrassment every time and I always wonder why.

Today we played musical chairs in the backyard. We totally set ourselves up for a couple meltdowns. I was even laughing about it before we started to play. I just knew it would bomb big time. It did. Disaster. Crying, hurt feelings- so funny. Then we played with a soft ball and 2 big rackets for awhile and that was fun. Came inside and Chay made a peanut butter banana shake for everyone and Kenzie started crying because she doesn't like peanut butter. Oh dear.

The kids were just ready to fight and argue at any moment and so we decided to go for a walk.

We stopped by a neighbor's house to drop off some clothes and the kids ended up playing since every kid in the neighborhood was playing Ghosts in the Graveyard. There were at least 20 kids. It was a beautiful evening. It looked like so much fun!! I wished to be a little kid again.

I know Kenzie and Julia are growing up so fast but they are still so little and fun. Holding on tight to these last few years before they hit tween/teen years.

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