Friday, October 05, 2007

the renewal

Nothing seems to be more refreshing than conference weekend.

I remember the days growing up- we would dress up and head to the stake center for the day. We would pack a lunch and eat with the rest of the stake who didn't have the privilege of cable in their home. Of course I complained during the long talks as we sat in the dark chapel for 20 hours it seemed. I always fell asleep on my mom's lap and I still have sweet memories of her putting down her notepad full of conference notes and playing with my hair and scratching my back. thanks mom

now I can just stumble down the stairs in my pj's with a bowl of popcorn...I feel a tiny ounce of guilt for some reason not being all dressed up. I do however stand up off my couch when the congregation sings...I love General Conference. It is habit for some to get something to eat or make a phone call during the songs but that is so not allowed if you're watching conference with my mom...we just all sit with her and stare at the television screen and let the music touch our rule #1 with me too...don't talk when the choir sings-

Conference touches my soul, it renews my spirit, it gives me hope, life makes sense once again...I can't wait. I can't wait to hear the choir...oh how I love the choir. Don't you? I am very connected to music. If I need to feel the Savior's love- I turn on the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and I swear heaven is so close.

Elder Faust will be missed. Some quotes of his that give me strength:

"Each of us needs to reach down into the innermost recesses of our souls to find the divinity that is deep within us and to earnestly petition the Lord for an endowment of special wisdom and inspiration. Only when we so profoundly reach the depths of our beings we can discover our true identity, our self worth, and our purpose in life" April 1995-

"Only as we seek to be purged of selfishness and of concern for recognition and wealth can we find some sweet relief from anxieties, hurts, pains, miseries, and concerns of this world...God can not only help us find a sublime and everlasting joy and contentment, but he will change us so that we can become heirs of the kingdom of God. This is really the recovery of the sacred within us." April 1995- same talk

"Since our own feelings are sacred to us and cannot be disputed by others, let us begin with those quiet assurances which occasionally can come to all of us and which we know are true. We cannot always prove these verities to others, yet they come as a form of knowing." November 1976

I cried through Elder's Faust's funeral. They weren't tears of sadness but just tears of knowing this man was holy and pure.

Conference shoves me back on track quickly. All of the sudden I can see the big picture- I suddenly don't feel the urge to buy new things or feel sorry for myself- I just want to live- live fully- happy and loving- to enjoy simple things and to become closer to Heavenly Father and Christ.

Tell me what you learned from conference...I want to hear...I want to enjoy it together.


EDK said...

It is very early Sat morning, and I am up ready for conference. I can hardly wait. I wonder who the Lord will call to fill President Faust"s spot...not that anyone ever really will. I loved that gentle man so much. I like your new title for your fits you. Thanks for your comments on mine. I am feeling somewhat better! I love you...enjoy the choir!

Marne said...

I love Conference weekend too. The word 'renewal' is perfect...a good description of what happens to us when we listen and apply to our lives what we hear!

Marne said...

Oh, it was good to talk to you yesterday!