Wednesday, November 21, 2007

4 years

so I'm sure most of you will be too busy awing over perfect pie and that heap of mash potatoes on your plate...but today is a great day to be extra Chay and I have been married for 4 years.

4 years- 4 wonderful years- we are basically still newly weds. I really don't have any profound extra wisdom...or remarkable advice to share- all I know is that Chay still takes my breath away and I am so grateful I have him by my side to venture with through this life.

Why I love Chay:

He is simple, funny, caring, protective, handy, loving. He has a smile to die for and he is Mckenzie's bestest friend. Whenever I open the back door to throw out a stinky diaper in the garbage she runs as fast as she can thinking her Dad has just walked through the door, "Daddy!!!!" I have to politely remind her "Your daddy is still at work"

Chay loves me. He is committed to us.

Chay is humble. He is easily taught. He is always taking notes at church, firesides when reading the Ensign- I find little pieces of paper all over the house with his writing- notes of how to become a better person. He listens to my opinion.

Chay loves simple things. He laughs easily- He is entertained by cartoons, animals, anything with wheels, tools... sometimes I watch him and just smile because he just glows...He is who he is...nothing made up or fake about him. He is the first to talk to a new neighbor. He says I look hot when I'm angry. He rewired the cable lines outside our house in bare feet and all can I say to myself is, "dang I got lucky"

Usually when someone gets woken up at night true colors emerge but this is one thing that truly convinces me how good of a person Chay really is- he is so nice in the middle of the night! He is soft, sweet, patient regardless of how tired he is. I am ready to blow up at any moment and here is Chay as sweet as can be- even rubs my back when I get back into bed for the 5th time-

Chay isn't my other half nor I his- We are just trying each day to help one another see and reach our wholeness.

Together we go through joy, spiritual experiences, pain, upsets, raising children, trials, long days, adventures, hopes, heartaches, life...all which molds us, forms us, strengthens us for our posterity, for our eternities-

Happy Anniverary to us!

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Calie said...

Happy 4 years April and Chay! We love you! Your beautiful!

EDK said...

Thanks for sharing to the world how great your husband is. I have known this since you married him...he truly is a good guy. And he married a wonderful daughter!!!!

Tara said...

Happy Anniversary! I am still 'available' to babysit when you two want to go out on the town and party...

April, you're right... Chay is fabulous! You are, too!

Marne said...

Happy Anniversary! What a nice tribute to Chay! You are both fabulous people.

Tami said...

Cute pictures! Oh doesn't the years just fly by and look what you have now - each other & 2 cute little girls in only 4 years!