Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I feel like I should write a new post but I really don't have anything to say. I mean I always have something to say...just ask Chay. I don't have conversations too often so if you get me talking...oh my- not good- and I know half the things I am saying is just random and so not interesting but that is what happens when you don't talk to anyone but babies all day.

I just want to sleep. It is 9 o'clock and I think I am going to bed. Doesn't that sound nice? Going to bed actually scares me a little because the nights are so hard- Julia has been waking up every hour -she is still in pain and she has been passing a ton of gas- Kenzie has these night terror things where she screams bloody murder. We go into her bedroom to comfort her or whatever and she will swing at us and scream in our face. I guess from what I read on night terrors- just ignore her because she will think we are attacking her if we touch her...crazy....whatever Mckenzie

so the nights are long-
I am looking forward for Thanksgiving- pumpkin!!!! I love anything with pumpkin- I think I will make something with pumpkin (not pie) tomorrow for the heck of it- Kenzie loves to sit on the counter and cook with me- alright good night.


joette said...

APRIL! Have you ever had pumpkin soup? It is SOOO good and so easy... nothing like that squash soup we made.. it is easier. I'll send you the recipe if you want it.

EDK said...

April Payne brought me pumpkin bread tonight, and it was the best doggone bread i have ever eaten...had more cloves thatn most. i think i will call her tomorrow and get her recipe and send it to you. Call me tomorrow...I am thinking of you and am so thankful for you and for my sister who invited you to come to her house for Thanksgiving dinner. Tell her I love her.

Calie said...

April thank you for writing even if you have nothing to say because your nothings are so sweet and they keep us all up to date with your and your families life.
Both Taylor and Isaac went through a faze of night terrors. Just know that it is a faze. Sometimes I would just talk to them soothingly and they would calm down. The thing you have to remember about night terrors is that they are not really awake. Sometimes you can pull them out of it by waking them up. Just depends on your child. Anyway I hope this helps. I love you. Hang in there. That picture of Julia is so cute.