Saturday, November 10, 2007


So Friday night I watched 4 kids age 2 and under...oh imagine that? It was actually quite ok despite the 1 wet and 3 poopy diapers, Casen falling off Kenzie's bed, a couple fights over Clayton's trains, and puzzle pieces being scattered all over the house-

By the time Jeff and Tami showed up I was sweating from running around so much. Sometimes it can be so refreshing to the soul to spend time with little ones. They are so full of life and interested in everything. My favorite part was entertaining them at the counter- I was making them laugh with my sillyness- and feeding them cheese at the same time-

It was a fun night with the cousins. Come again!


Tami said...

Oh yes.. Clayton had a ball! And he is so tired today because he played so hard last night. He just LOVES Mckenzie. They play so well together (despite the few fights!) I took some pictures of them and showed them to Clayton today and he was just beaming!

Marne said...

Oh how fun!

tonya said...

do you want 2 more to add to that bunch? we miss the little cousin fun. ashlee is excited to see her cousins! looks like fun or a good headache (in a good way)

joette said...

yes.... counter shows are the best in my opinion... I love how easy kids laugh they have the best sense of humor!