Tuesday, November 13, 2007


My choice of food is broccoli and Chay's is either Dots candy or Swedish Fish(gummy candy for those who aren't familiar)

We both go to the dentist. Chay has 0 cavities....I have 9.

So I went today without a smile. poke, drill, numb

not really that fair- not really fair at all...

and why do dentists talk to you and ask questions when they have 20 tools in your mouth?

Michael Scott "What's your dentist's name?"
Dwight: "Crentist"
Michael: "Your dentist's name is Crentist? - sounds an awful lot like dentist."

Dwight: "Maybe that's why he became a dentist"


joette said...

do you really have nine cavities? do you floss? My crentist loves my teeth because I floss. Just thought I would throw that out there.

Chay said...

When I was a kid I loved going to the dentist. Probably because he'd put that orange scented gas thing on my nose. Man....I loved getting the gas. It would make me feel like I was floating/flying and I would just zone out. I loved it. Now...every time I go to the dentist he just jabs me with a needle to numb the area and works on my teeth. No more gas. Awwww crap, I really miss that. If I could get the gas again, I'd be more than happy to chomp on candy all day long just to get my cavity count up (not that I don't already do that).

Tami said...

Don't things always seem to work out that way??!! I would say that Chay is really lucky. Hope you are feeling better on the 1/2 of your mouth the dentist worked on!

Tara said...

Chay, I get a "flouride" treatment when I go to my dentist that is flavored - maybe that would help you remember the good old days. But yes, I'm totally with you, the gas was great and the shots are awful! The numbing doesn't seem to work too much, because it sure was painful when I went in last week.

April, sorry about your cavities. Owch, I feel for you!!!