Wednesday, November 28, 2007

free rice

If you want to do a little service to those in need and to yourself click on this website:

Test your vocab skills and every word you get right they donate 20 grains of rice to the hungry. It is so addicting. verifies that it's true! Click here and read for yourself.

So if you love a word challenge and if you love rice and you love you go-

thanks joell


CresceNet said...
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Tara said...

I saw a news special about "free rice" how kids in school are doing it. FUN!

Marne said...

Thanks April! Looks neat. I will check it out.

joette said...

rice rice baby...
alright stop grab a table and a menu
rice is back with an oriental venue
hungry for some kong fu chooey

rice rice baby

sung to the tune of ice ice baby

Tami said...

April.. I emailed one of my friends for her family blogspot addy and what she said I want to share with you "I go to yours all the time. I have to say that I look at April and Chays page alot too. Although I don't know April I wish I did. I am always inspired by the things that she writes. I really enjoy hearing her point of view on things. I guess that is kinda funny but she seems like a really great person."

Thought that would put a smile on your face!