Monday, December 31, 2007


farewell 2007...

It is new year's eve...what are you all doing? Chay and I will welcome in the new year with paintbrushes in our hands. We are painting or repainting our kitchen...I love the new color- seriously it is worth it to pay a couple more dollars for a good paint- for pointers Lowe's paints actually match their sample swatches...

so any new resolutions? I love starting points like Mondays, first days of the month, new semesters, birthdays, first day of Spring etc...they are motivators for me to start a new goal or a new something. So of course the new year is quite welcoming to start some changes in my life...I always need to change and I always fail miserably at setting and accomplishing goals. It is one of my biggest weaknesses- to be honest I am surprised I finished college as horrible as that may sound- although I am very grateful I did. I get very hyped up about some idea and then I somehow get sidetracked or discouraged. I have a hard time staying motivated for long periods of time. I have astounding ideas that amaze me but they fizzle out real quick. So how do you goal masterminds do it?

The only principle that keeps me hopeful is I know Heavenly Father helps us accomplish righteous desires...and I know from experience He somehow creates paths for us even when we seem to be losing motivation and effort.

I so long to be does not come natural for me. I would love to find a perfect system to managing money, managing chores, managing meals and still be normal and not overwhelmed.

I want to read the scriptures more. I need their guidance so badly.

I want to find time to exercise. Chay bought me burn yoga for Christmas- Joette and I did it for about 10 minutes and couldn't stop laughing- The instructor looked like Jackie Chan so when we were in the "downward facing dog" position we started to quote Shanghai Noon and well then it was all over- so rule #1- no yoga with Joette.
Emily however surprised me with 3 exciting videos- Belly Dancing, Salsa Dancing, and Tai Chi which I am very excited about.

I want to be a better secretary for our ward Primary.

I want to follow Elder Eyring's example and write down each night how I have witnessed the Lord's hand in my life.

I want to learn how to prioritize- learn what is good, better, and best

These are just a few...they make me nervous though- sometimes thinking about what I need to do and accomplish makes me want to eat a plate of brownies instead.

well anyways happy new year...


Marne said...

I hear you April! It IS hard to stay motivated for long periods of time. Hence the reason I now need to lose 35 pounds. Sigh. I like all your goals...many of those are ones I echo as well. For now at least, I am taking one day at a time. Not getting on myself for not doing good or doing what I thought I should have done. I want to appreciate TODAY. So, today with Chad being home from work we will just have fun.

Calie said...

You can do it April. Your heart is good. And you will acomplish whatever it is you are supossed to acomplish at this time in your life. You have great goals and you are striving to do whats right. Heavenly Father will bless you for that.

joette said...

I always want to eat a plate of brownies instead... "that is NOT HOW YOU WING IT!!"

Anonymous said...

I just have to say... how in the world did I ever get a friend like you? Words cannot express how much I love you. Go ahead and eat your pan of brownies! You are already perfect! Love, Jaynee