Friday, February 29, 2008

well the summer clothes are back in their bins downstairs. Ok not really...they're actually still in a big pile in my room on the floor but I thought it was a great way to start out my blog...if only it were true.

so we are home now...we got home on Wednesday and first tip: leave your house clean before you leave on a big trip. Our home was a scattered mess, revealing frantic last minute packers- our home was cold and it didn't echo like the home we rented in Orlando-those wonderful tile floors.

Disney World was spectacular. It kind of gave me the goose bumps when I first got there. Everything was flawless. The architecture, the landscaping, music, weather, lights, workers, food, fireworks, parades, light shows, rides, characters- it was almost a little overwhelming at first. I just didn't know how to take it all in.

Instead of just being delighted by a new place I get logistical and I start to analyze everything- I imagined Walt Disney's vision he had of this place, the organization it takes to run something so over the top, the millions of dollars spent, the perfection of layout and planning of the park.- This place truly is magical...and/or Disney is a mastermind corporation who definitely know how to run a business.

After 3 days or so I finally got used to the walking and and overload of people. Our family of 16 walking through masses of crowds defines all meaning of "three's a crowd" or "16 is a crowd" All different ages, all different interests, different views...just different. It was fun though to see us all working together the best we knew how. Mom was on a rented scooter and she was the leader of the pack as we tried to keep up with her. (She loved that thing) When we were wiped out from a long day of walking she was ready to "take off" again. It was very exciting and a huge answer to prayer to see her have energy.

So how in the heck am I supposed to write about this 8 day trip? So many in and outs, little things here and big things there- so much to grasp. Um it was just a great experience. The last day was hard for me- I didn't want to go home. I am a feely type person so to see the trip through my eyes would be different than some. Splash Mountain was an exciting ride yes, but it was the hour wait in line with my family that was most memorable. Just being together is enough for me. So instead of buying an expensive shirt with Mickey on it, my greatest souvenirs of the trip are watching my mom and dad hold hands as they make their way to Pirates of the Caribbean or Mckenzie falling asleep on Mom's lap as they cruise around Fantasy Land on the scooter- you know- stuff like that.

Space mountain is something else I tell you. I lost my equilibrium for about an hour after that ride and Chay had to carry me out on his back.

Magic Kingdom was magical but it was my least favorite. I kept getting bouts of anxiety when I was there. I knew there were a million and one things to do and it was impossible to do it all. The rides were a long wait and I felt like great experiences were slipping away- it was just all so new and explosive and loud that I just wanted to sit down on a pretty bench and eat... ..the first night Joette came down with a headache. I went up to her room to see if she was alright and she said, "I am ok, just having sensory overload" her words were so incredibly understood.

Sea World...ok now what a great place! I don't know really what to say but it was just peaceful. We walked through amazing aquariums and watched dolphin shows. We saw Shamu and went on a crazy fun roller coaster- Kraken. It was smaller and relaxing. It was a great shift to admire God's animals. Some of us got a little teary-eyed at the dolphin show- what amazing animals! and you just know the trainers love their dolphins so much.

Epcot- My favorite part was the walk around the world. This is a must see- again nothing is short changed at Disney World. I wish I could have spent more time and money here. I wanted to buy food in every country! Joette was found in France- with a box full of pastries- Sad to say there was no Brasil.

Hollywood studios was great too- I just love going on rides with my brothers. Everything they say I soak right in- I never get to spend time with them so it meant a lot to me to be with them. Rockin Roller Coaster was the best- there is just something about riding a roller coaster with areosmith blasting in your ear. I love music- what can I say? Tower of Terror is quite the ride I tell you. Chay still laughs about how Keith held on to Chay's arm during the ride...

ok well by far my favorite day was the last- Busch Gardens. I'm not sure if it was just me being in a good mood, or the perfect weather, or that barely no one was in the park that day- but I just loved every minute of that place. First of all it was breathtakingly beautiful. The landscaping was just amazing. They had shows going on all over ranging from African tribal, 3-D, river dance, beep bop into the 50's. The rides were out of control and no lines to wait in. There were 6 or so huge roller coasters and 2 of them are in the top 10. It was just fun. They had a huge area just for kids Kenzie's size. She loved riding the planes, boats, carousal with Grandma, the tree house- Plus it was a zoo! You would walk from one place to another and suddenly you would come across this 12 foot crocodile (in a cage of course) We went on a train ride through this savanna type area where there were elephants, Rynosaurus, giraffes, zebras, ostridges- it was so not what we are used to. So yes- I really enjoyed Busch Gardens. My dad really enjoyed it too-

My dad is the sweetest most amazing man. He is a protector. He takes care of his wife and everyone knows it. He was so calm on this trip- If mom and dad were separated for some reason he would always tell me, "you take care of mom and don't let her get on any rides that will hurt her back" At one random time he came up to me and said, "April you are so special" my heart would just throb. He also said on Sunday, "You looked so beautiful at church with Kenzie asleep on your shoulder" I love my daddy. What a man he is. These are the memories I will treasure up forever.

Sunday we went to Church. This is what I love about my family. We were surrounded by so many things to do and yet we set it all aside to attend the Lord's church. The speaker was a little quirky as he compared the gospel to BYU's food cafeteria and the world to his elementary school's cafeteria- but nonetheless we took the sacrament and had family home evening that night. Alyssa sang a primary song by herself and it made me just love and adore her- We sang "give said the little stream" as a family. We talked about family history, motherhood and the priesthood.

Favorite Memories:

Joette's ham sandwich getting ripped out of her hands by a seagull (I felt like I was reliving Alfred Hitchcock's "the birds")

Mom cranking her scooter up to "rabbit" speed at Costco.

Mom stopping her scooter next to two ladies who were on scooters too and asking them if they wanted to race- (I could seriously write a book on "Mom's scooter adventures")

Keith taking the scooter for a spin as his old motocross days emerge- tilting it and riding it on 2 was just so funny to witness- we were all so fascinated by this thing- it was like we would pass up any rollar coaster to take a ride on mom's scooter.

Sitting in the hot tub with Chay and Keith during a lightning storm- I know it sounds retarded but it was great to see Keith get all so excited- we got out once the thunder sounded a little too close...

Walking through a major rain storm in Magic Kingdom- we didn't have ponchos so little Julia just endured the drops. She would just lick the water as it poured down her face.

Going with Chay on the Montu 3 times...I love that roller coaster. ..and the sheikra...oh my!
Swimming at night with Chay.

Seeing Kenzie love the pool- I bought a swimsuit with the blow up floaters inside- I recommend these! She could swim by herself!

The boys and their late nights with Monsters and PS motocross-

Listening to Isaac tell stories in the Van-

Watching Kenzie play with AJ and Isaac.

Bryon road ragin, Keith GPS'n, April MS'n, Joette PMS'n

-road trips, walmart trips, guilt trips, space mountain trips
All of us gathered in Mom and Dad's suite- trying to all fit on their huge bed.
Mckenzie flirting with Taylor
speed scrabble
Chay wanting to spend time with just me by the end of the trip
I have never breastfed in so many public places
the dolphin show
the feeling I'd get when I would find a family member in a big crowd of people
Kenzie and julia falling asleep on the plane!
Bryon playing with my kids
Lorena's patience with our family
Calie's out of control energy
Joette's passion for the simple things in traveling
Taylor's love for kids
Ashlee's creativity and love for my children
Alyssa's easy company
Mom's love for flowers and fireworks- leadership skills
white bread flimsy sandwiches
seeing Janna!
Chay breaking both of our sun glasses in one shot- he put them in his pocket.
Keith's ways of prioritizing- putting his family first.
Chay being ever so handsome.

ok well I am getting sick of writing- overall it was wonderful to be together with my family- I can't believe we did it! It is over and I just want to go back.


Heather said...

Oh April--that sounded like such a fun trip, I have been checking your blog more than I care to admit waiting for an update. I was thinking the whole time that I bet you guys were having such a fun time, how could you not when the Tomblins are around?

EDK said...

Such a wonderful synopsis of our family trip of a lifetime. The pictures are precious...please send me a CD as the few pictures I did take did not turn out. I have been so tired since we got home and I started chemo week I go under the Gamma knife...I just wish the dream trip could have lasted longer and all this cancer stuff was behind me. I love you! I am referring every one who reads my blog to go to yours to get the real feel for the are such a great writer!!!

Marne said...

That was a fabulous sum-up! I loved reading it. The way you write certain things...makes me laugh! Sounds like you had such a wonderful time and made everlasting memories. Glad you are back safe!

Tara said...

Sounds like an amazing time! It is very commendable that so many people could be together so long and have such a phenomenal time. Way to go Tomblin family!

Calie said...

I want to go back. It was hard to see it end. Thank you for writing about it so well. You have a gift April...thank you for sharing it. Your amazing!

The Wright Stuff said...

LOL Sooo awesome! I was laughing the whole time I was reading your blog. I think that would have been the funnest trip! Especially with your mom's scooter!! LOL I can just hear her asking those ladies if they wanted to race! LOL I'm so glad you had such an amazing time with your family!

Johnsons said...

Sounds like you had a blast!! Joyette really had a sandwich taken by a seagull?!!! That is hilarious!

The Checks Mix said...

What an amazing experience you wrote about! Those memories will be with you forever I'm sure and did such a wonderful job portraying your experience. My favorite is your mom wanting to race the other women on scooters! That is hilarious! I am sure it was so hard for it to end. I get really sentimental with family trips as well--in fact sometimes it really messes me up for a couple weeks. It always healing to retell the events though. Thanks for sharing it with us!

My Crazy Life X 6 said...

I love reading your blog...I found it a few weeks ago and am so inspired by you and your families strength and love...Your mom is amazing and I have learned so much from her in my lifetime...
Karen (Maughan) Pixler