Friday, April 11, 2008

who's your american idol?

ok so most of you know I love to waste time watching American Idol...I just love it for some reason or maybe I just love to waste time...go ahead Chay's family- you can all gasp for air! I have come to terms that I will never be quite as productive as Chay's sisters and sister n law (Marne) and Bev for that matter (you all amaze me)- but it is ok- they can continue to be mastermind homemakers with their food storage and quilted table runners- and I will watch TV and talk to Emily for 1-2 hours a day, dwell on unfinished projects and play too much with my girls...yes I do believe you can play too much with your children-

so guess who went home last night???? Michael Johns! I embarrassingly admit that I voted for him on Tuesday. I never vote but I just think he is hot. Don't worry- Chay is well aware of my little idol crush....
you see, this Michael Johns kind of reminds me of this guy I knew from college- Brock.- So I dated Brock's brother off and on and I really liked his brother but I think it was fair to say our whole apartment had a secrete crush on Brock. What better college story is there when there are "2 hot brothers living next store" ? ...but then again I have a lot of good college stories....

Ok well goodbye Michael- the rest of the American Idol season won't be nearly as fun without you.


Chay said...

Michael....Sorry but I won't miss you. Yes, April does have some really good college stories but I'm not going to spoil any of them for you guys.

On a side note: All I want to say is that I'm tired of hearing other people tell me that "the whole nation world is going into a HUGE recession" and that the world is coming to an end....also, that I need to buy truck loads of food storage ASAP....Grrrr...Am I made of $$$$$....? I am definitely not as "well off" or have the discretionary income (yet) like others do. Yes, it's important to have food storage and we are working on ours but not to the point of putting it on a credit card just so I can keep up with other peoples' expectations and scary stories. Good grief! - do I sound upset? - Feel free and email me or contact me if you want to try and calm me down.

Chay said...

Maybe I should start a blog...?

April said...

wow...a little upset my dear...bad day at work?

you should start a blog honey...I would be your number one reader.

I got to go- I have to go to the store and buy some more cans of beans....just kidding.

Marne said...

Okay April...

#1. I have always been into building up my food storage. I have done it since we were married almost ten years ago. So this is nothing new for us. I have always taken the prophets council seriously about that. I am grateful now that I have some because it has saved us money on groceries and helped us out in rough spots. I (or Chad) don't pay attention to what other people say will happen or whatever...we are just following the prophet. Pure and simple. We just do what we can do. Sometimes we can spend $300 at once, other times months and months go by with me doing nothing. Just do what you can do! Food storage supplies are different for everyone, since we all like to eat different things. Don't compare yourself to anyone...just do what you can do and store what you and your family will eat.

#2. Yes, I like to be productive. Yes, it stabs me in the back sometimes. But it is how I am. Although you think I am constantly doing projects...not so. SOOOO not so. If you could follow me around on a daily basis, see what my house looks like, etc. you might be pleasantly surprised. I waste more time than you think. :) I hate being constantly busy. It drives me nuts. I grew up in a household like that and I refuse to always be like that myself.

#3. Wasting time is different for everyone. I know several people in my own family that think my blogging & scrapbooking is a waste of precious time...I couldn't disagree more...we all do what helps us unwind and relax. If American Idol is your way of relaxing it is not a waste of time. Period. Don't be so hard on yourself! If what you do makes you happy and fulfills your needs, it is what you need to be doing.

#4. I think it is fabulous Chay reads and actually comments on your blog...I think Chad has looked at my blog maybe once or twice? I don't think he even remembers how to get there....sheesh.

Marne said...

Oh, and one more thing. Remember: One reason why you think we are so crazy busy is mainly because of what we are involved in. As your kids get older, there are much more responsibilities, playdates, places to take them to, piano to practice, homework to do, sports to take them to, etc etc. So relish the time you have at home right now because it will change before you know it!

April said...

oh Marne...I wasn't meaning to put anyone down- I was mostly just writing about American Idol. I love Chay's whole family and I have learned a ton from all of them...especially you. I didn't mean to make food storage a bad is wonderful and a commandment! I was just being silly- Chay is just on overboard right now because he doesn't like all the money I have been spending on food storage and 72 hour kits- we got our tax return and so I have been trying to buy what is important first- Bev calls often about food on sale and tiff's blog is all about food storage and stuff so it flusters Chay sometimes- just a brother sister thing.
I thought my post was kind of funny- I didn't mean to hurt feelings- I love how prepared and awesome Chay's family is...and I don't just sit around and watch TV all day either...and when I do- I don't mind that I am doing it...Tonya told me on the phone they don't watch TV and I thought to myself., "what would I do without The Office, or Scrubs or American Idol???" we are all beautifully different and that is just no offense to anyone...come on- you all know me right? Plus I would have made a table runner if I knew how to thread my sewing machine

Greg and Emily Taylor said...

Tranquilo Chay. I'd have to say that I agree with you. The counsel is to "build" a food storage, not go into debt over it.

Anyway, I for one love April's college stories, I wish there would be more aspiring star's that reminded me of my college days.

Let me think, what things on television tend to trigger college day memories (specificially Ricks)??
-The Maury Povich Show
-Puppies on America's Funniest Home Videos (especially if it involves poo)
-Fruit Loop ads
-Ads for body spray (pear)
-Any movies on Lifetime that involve girls driving late a night.
-Project Runway

Marie said...

I thought your post was funny, April. Looks like you struck some nerves! We all take ourselves too seriously sometimes and we forget to look behind the 'Sunday smiles' of others and realize we all have layers - and sometimes we need to just 'chill'. We like to watch AI also and my kids think it's hilarious that I like dread locks boy and rocker dude! I actually think they are all pretty good at this point. By the way, we're in Oregon where Jeff's family is.

Marne said...

Oh April I know you weren't meaning to put anyone down....I of course just had to offer my opinion! I know what you mean though about the food storage seems like lately that is all anyone talks about!

I do like American Idol, although I watched it more in years past than this year. Right now I love watching HGTV while at the gym...good thing we don't have cable at home or I would be wasting tons of time!

EDK said...

I remember some council I got years ago about food storage, and it goes along with the remark to "build" your storage. When I first became active in the church and aware that we were to store food I heard a lesson on "just buying one or two extra of the things we liked to eat when they went on sale". I agree with Marne, do the best you can, and then have faith that our Father in Heaven, knowing the desires of your heart, will, in times of trouble, send manna from heaven or will keep your flour and oil from becoming empty. Trust.

Tonya said...

Just my thoughts...
Everyone needs "down" time (especially mothers) whether it is watching TV, reading books, napping, exercising, etc. Everyone has different interests.

Our family chooses not to watch TV, just a family decision we made years ago. It was hard at first and now I don't even think about it. Our family is just different, Ryan grew up on a farm so TV was not a part of his life. Granted we do love renting dvd's and I sometimes try to watch TV online (office or Miss USA especially when Osmonds hosted). Plus, I am so cheap, here you have to pay $ for basic channels.

Food Storage - Do what is best for your family! Pray about what you should do. I know we can't do it at a level that we'd like to do, but our family's desire, obedience, and balance are what's important to me.

April, I don't think you give yourself enough credit for what a great writer, artist, thinker you are! You have talents and abilities that compliment others!