Friday, May 23, 2008

julia gulia

Julia Kaye- what a little crazy girl you are. She is cute and smiley- but she can be quite the opposite. She already gets mad when you take away a toy- she loves outside so when I take her inside she starts to scream. Nursing has to be her idea and when it isn't and she doesn't want to- she will bite me! Hard! oh ouch...she already has her two bottom teeth! she is going to be a tough one I can already tell. She now scoots and can crawl a couple she is trying to move! She is precious though- she is so full of personality. I have a feeling our house won't be a quiet one through the years...

Here is a video for family- kind of long but Mom will love it. Hey mom- show Daddy!



Tara said...

Sounds like she is trying to whistle! Cute stuff.

The Wright Stuff said...

She is so adorable!! Her tongue is soo funny! What does her bib say?

My Crazy Life X 6 said...

April they are trying to get everyone info about our 10 year class reunion and you were on the list of missing people...if you know anyone else we graduated with us, they can email their info or call one of these people...

Amy (Tallman) Cato- or (509) 999-6375
Augustia (Jolley) Berger- or (509) 844-7353
Jill (Rose) Plumb- (509)868-7382