Wednesday, May 28, 2008

President Monson

ok so many of us didn't get to see this. This is when President Monson wiggled his ears during the priesthood session- it is a great story. Enjoy.


Calie said...

April thank you for sharing that. The boys came home talking about that and I found myself wanting to see it. How wonderful that we have this great tool of computers. :) Love you!

kiley said...

Hey April - I found your blog through Taraka's and just had a look around. I love your posts - you are so insightful! Really they are an enjoyable read. I especially liked this one and had been wanting to post this as well -so funny! You have a darling family. I love the benches too! Hand-me-downs/free treasures are my favorite. Pretty much our whole house is furnished with what others were getting rid of :). Look forward to check back often and read your posts.
Best Wishes!
Kiley (Kenworthy) Daines
Oh - and the quotes are hilarious!