Tuesday, July 29, 2008


So this is the only picture I took this weekend at Chay's family reunion. For some reason I just didn't take pictures...and of course I am now regretting it.

Thanks Tisha for the daisy intervention- sticking flowers in Kenzie's hair reminded me of Discovery- a 5 week camp out I did when I was at Ricks college- Emily and I would put wildflowers in our hair for church...anyway

So Julia lodged a broken pencil in her mouth somehow the day before we left for Burley. It was sticking out from below her tongue. I pulled it out and blood gushed. Once we arrived in Burley we decided to take her to the ER despite the hefty co-pay- she was running a fever, swollen, and had the red streaks starting up...so not good. She is an official drug addict for the moment- can't live without pain medication or she is a living hell child- if there is such a one.

So the reunion was great- it was more of a family union since I was meeting a lot of people for the first time. I still giggle about Chay's widowed Aunt picking up square dancing again after all these years and how her partner is gay. I think I know where this family gets their longevity.

The highlight of the weekend for me was the Twin Falls Temple open house and seeing Chase get back from his mission. I love spiritual reminders. I was excited for Kenzie to walk through the temple and to hear her sing "I love to see the temple" on the drive there. The temple tour started out with a video and that about did me over. I needed to watch that video. The tears came of course and all of the sudden so many things were coming into perspective for me and I felt so much peace. I am going to the temple this week. Did you read that Chay?

Chase of course was glowing like most honorable return missionaries do. It was neat to hear his stories and his testimony...it made me reflect my own mission and how I hope to serve another one someday.

oh and one more highlight- a crop duster show- while we were driving towards Twin this little yellow plane would fly right over our car and under telephone wires...it was so cool to see.

Does anybody by chance have any pictures of Chay and I going down steadman's water slide? Marne?


Marne said...

I do have 2 pics of you guys April! One going down the slide, and one biffing it. I will email them to you!

EDK said...

what a wonderful picture of Mckenzie...Oh how I miss her. I hope JuJU is okay by now. I am so glad you had a wonderful and happy weekend, I am also glad that youhave married into a great family.