Thursday, October 23, 2008

her words

well the funeral is over...and I miss being busy believe it or not. Today there wasn't much to look forward to and the house seemed really empty. Mom's funeral was really quite amazing. It was so touching to see how many people went out of their way to celebrate my mom. I will write more about the funeral tomorrow. It is late and I really want to go to bed...but real quick-I was reading my mom's blog tonight...and it is so nice to know that even though I can't have my mom close, I can at least have her words.

This is what I read tonight from Mom's blog:

"...I have thought so much about the ripple effect of each of our lives. I went to the Stake Young Women in Excellence tonight where Joette was the keynote speaker, and felt the ripple effect of her spiritual, so tender. Then I thought of April and Chay and their being parents of two darling girls, and the ripple effect of their training on their children and teaching them to love God. And my other children, Bryon and Keith and their spouses and children, all of us, sealed in God's holy temple, reaching out to touch the world, to make it a better place....and it will go on forever and ever and my heart rejoiced. Sometimes I wish I could have done more, or said more or shared more...and failed less...but those ripples of eternity remind me that I have made my mark on the world, and I believe Heavenly Father looks down upon me and is pleased...maybe not so much with my efforts, but of those that are following His course because I was here." ~

Pretty remarkable I'd say. oh how I miss you Mom.


The Wright Stuff said...

Your mom is truly an angel! So many people are better because they know her.... I know I am.

Tracie said...

those are beautiful thoughts. you should write a book about her and use all her wisdom. I think we could all benefit from her words, they are so beautifully spoken. Thanks for sharing.

Tim, Janelle and Kiddos said...

I haven't been to your blog in awhile and just felt like i should check up on heart is aching for your loss! And i am reverting right back to my own experience a year ago...I love you April and am thinking of you and praying for you! I know you are holding strong to your faith, and that will push you through...thank you for your amazing testimony! It's crazy though how most people don't tell you how much real, raw pain there is when someone close to you passes, even with the knowledge of the gospel."They" say that pain is healed in time. I don't believe that. I know that Christ will heal us, but until we meet them again, there will always be that hurt from just plain missing our loved one!! Anyway, God Bless you and your family and keep writing...what a wonderful tribute you have made to your beautiful mother!

The Checks Mix said...

Oh sweet April! Due to severely sick kids in the last week I had not checked your blog. The last time I checked was when she was talking a bunch on the 11th I think? I am SO sorry. I wanted to try to go to the funeral when she did pass. I wanted to be there to give you a hug and support you in your loss. Forgive me that I wasn't able to--I am so sad I missed the funeral. I do want to come and visit you either in Spokane or Utah--whichever works for you--whenever you feel ready. We could have a girls night and invite whoever you want. Or whatever you feel up to. Just something to lift you up. What a precious miracle that you felt your mom hugging you right after she passed away. I think the veil is so thin when loved ones pass on. My hope is that they are allowed to be with us often when the grief is the hardest. I hope you have more experiences where you feel her close. Please don't be afraid to just tell us what you need--you can post it on your blog. If you need someone to call or visit or just do something fun to take your mind off the ache--ANYTHING. So many LOVE you and WANT to help. I love you!

Calie said...

I miss her too April. Only time will help heal the ache right now. And thats ok. I miss you too. And your baby girls. They became such a part of our lives while you were here. Things just feel empty....and there it is again...that time issue. So on a brighter note....I bet it is good to be home with Chay and sleeping in your own bed and I bet the girls are happy too. Love you Apey.