Monday, October 20, 2008


well our internet is going haywire and so for this reason I haven't been able to update very well on my blog. I am actually at Keith's work right now. We are finishing up the programs for the funeral. Tomorrow we bury Mom.

It has actually been kind of hectic instead of overly sad as we deal with all the planning of Mom's funeral. We did however dress Mom yesterday and that was an emotional event. I honestly didn't want to see Mom's body again...and so I was kind of not looking forward to dressing her- even if it was to put her temple clothes on.

But you know, she looked really beautiful and peaceful. She looked a whole ton better than she did at the hospice house. After we dressed her in her temple clothes, put her wig on, and had Lynette work her Mary Kay magic, Mom actually looked like she was sleeping and healthy...and quite lovely. It was such a better image to remember than the fist night she passed away. I should probably have more to say about dressing her- and maybe I will write more later- but not now.

Anyway we have had many wonderful visitors come to the house and we feel so much comfort from loved ones- what a blessing to have friends.

ok well I am in a I just wanted to post real quick some links and addresses referring to Mom's memorial services.

Mom's Funeral will be held October 21, 2008 11:00 AM at The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints chapel in Otis Orchards, Washington. Here is the address:

Maps and directions are found HERE

You can read her Obituaries- click on the links below

Obituary 1


and the funeral home that is taking care of all the little big stuff is

English Funeral Chapel
1700 N. Spokane St.
Post Falls, ID 83854
(208) 773-3425

ok well I have to go now and work on everything else now...I can't believe I am singing and speaking tomorrow- I honestly haven't sat down to gather my thoughts for what I will say and I am not sure yet what I am going to sing....wish me luck.


Tara said...

Our deepest condolences. We will miss your mom. She always had a bright countenance. Wish we could be there. We'll be praying for you.

Love the Hansens

The Wright Stuff said...

I loved your mom's obituary. I saw it in yesterday's paper. She is soo beautiful! I absolutely love that picture of her! That's exactly how I want to remember her...I love you April. I know you'll do great as always. I will "say a little prayer for you!" See you tomorrow.

Marie said...

I wish I could be there. Take care.

Stephanie said...

I wish that I could have been there. I accidentally called mom while she was at the funeral and said "woops! sorry! talk to you later". She texted me back that it was very lovely. I will always remember that i was so proud of the fact that she was my Star A teacher...and has taught me many lessons since.