Friday, October 31, 2008

thank you

I am in major thank you debt at that moment.

I need to express gratitude to so many people.

These last 2 months go down in April history as the hardest 2 months of my life.

No one likes to say goodbye to their mom right?

I never knew how hard it would actually be.

Friends and Family have done so much to strengthen and support me during this trial.

I am so honored by those who traveled so far to support me and my family.

People who cared and knew my mom the most made their way to the funeral and I knew it...unless there was some circumstance that got in the way- obviously- but thank you for all the hundreds in attendance that beautiful morning.

ok and of course the food, the visits, the birthday surprises, the hugs, the kind words, the dinners, the service, the support, the phone calls, the babysitting, the understanding, the cleaning, the pumpkin cheese cake bars, the flowers, the plants, the cards, the smiles, the hope, the the the the all of it- the wonder of all of it has been so touching- I don't know how people survive without beautiful friends- oh how grateful I am for my dear precious friends...the ones I talk to daily or the ones I only see once in a while- have all proven to be true- thank you thank you thank you- do I sound like Alanis Morissette? Thank you India.

So I was really disappointed that I couldn't take home any of the house plants my family received at the funeral from dear friends and family- but lo and behold I was remembered in Utah. Thank you to those who sent me roses and the gorgeous plant. I stare at them all day. I love looking at them.

thank you.


The Pyper Fam said...

I've been meaning to comment for a few days now. I wanted to tell you that I thought your moms funeral was amazing. I thought to myself afterwards, 'Leave it to EDK to have a funeral where I leave feeling more uplifted than when I came.' I loved hearing from all of you and loved learning more about the part of your moms life I didn't know about. I wish I could have seen you more, but didn't want to be bothersome. Anyway, I loved your mom, I love you and am so sorry that the past few months have been so hard. I couldn't even imagine!

The Checks Mix said...


I wanted you to know we were thinking and praying for you so I sent you a candle to remember the light your mother has been in so many lives but it looks like you left Spokane before it came. Ask your dad if it ever came. It was supposed to arrive last Saturday--I think that is when you returned to Utah.

April said...

CHarity, My sister told me about the package and a lady in my ward is going to bring it down along with other stuff I forgot-

Charity- thank you for being such an amazing friend. It meant the world to me to hear you even wanted to go to the funeral- it was touching- I would love to talk to you soon- when are you coming to Utah next?

The Checks Mix said...


I am so glad you will be getting the package. Kelly and I were talking today about coming down to Utah in a month to let the kids see the lights on temple square. Are you guys going to be around at Christmas time? We want to see you so badly!