Sunday, November 02, 2008

worries of november

Remember worrying about who would ask you to dance when the DJ would play "November Rain" at the stake dances? That song is so long. I think I used to just head for the door...when any slow song came on.

so my november worries-

My health. It is time. I really feel like the Holy Ghost is telling me to get serious about my health. When we knelt in family prayer around Mom's body, Keith prayed that we would learn from all this how to take care of our bodies and to treat them like a temple. I thought it was so interesting for him to say that at that moment...but I felt like it was inspired. November always brings candy from the after effects of Halloween. I would say that plastic jack-o-latern pumpkin bucket-chuck full of chocolate staring at me from the top of the refrigerator probably needs to be dumped. I would say gazing into that thing all day and enjoying all the sugary varieties is a first welcoming to an early death sentence...especially if you have my genes, my MS, my body. I am like a ticking time bomb...I already ache all over from the sugar overload. so tomorrow I start to alkaline. Green drink, vegetables, no red meat, no dairy of any kind, no wheat- unless it's sprouted, no sugar, little fruit, lot's of almonds, avocados, brown rice- I feel so amazing on this diet. Now I know it sounds a little extreme but my situation is different than most. oh and for those interested in this "green drink" I am always drinking and talking about- it is a product sold from Dr. Young's Innerlight company. I do not sell it. I am just telling you about it. I believe his alkaline theory to be true for HERE for a list of the ingredients in the green drink. I drink 3-4 liters a day. Yes...I pee a lot...oh and I will have a slice of pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving...that's a given.

ok novemeber worry #2

um...obama makes me worry.

It's ok- you can laugh. In fact I have lost sleep over it believe it or not...not that Mccain is some miracle worker either but he is still a better choice in my mind. I just can't believe how things have changed- I think Obama is poison to our country's constitution. Harsh? Oh I'm sure- but oh well. His record proves he wants to take away our guns, allow gay marriage, allow abortions to continue. He will ruin capitalism, the free markets, and our desire to make more than $250,000. Socialistic health care will be a disaster. There will be a waiting line to get into the doctors, the quality of our medical care will go down- The government's job is not to babysit us. As a nation we have changed. Instead of a drive to succeed we now only want to be taken care of. Security instead of freedom. Scary. oh I found that quote- Benjamin Franklin~ "Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both." What happen to personal responsibility? Why is it fair for someone who sacrificed to make it through law school so they could one day sufficiently provide for their family only to be taxed heavily so people who chose not to work as hard could benefit and have a tax break? It is a principle not a political strategy- Hard work pays off- be responsible for your choices-ahhhhh I just don't get it! if it is just for values and morals alone- just for those things alone- but people don't care anymore- everything seems to be so accepting these days... ok I am done. Sorry if I offended anyone- we're still friends right?

ok so welcome November...


Heather said...

You need to shout, can I get an amen!!!! Just kidding. I agree 200% with everything you say. I am always walking around saying, "whatever happened to personal responsibility?" that is a huge thing with me. When I am like 90, I am going to be an old crazy lady that walks around in a house coat repeating this. I worry what this week will look like. But on the upside, all the annoying campaign mail and phone calls will stop LOL

The Pyper Fam said...

Couldn't agree with you more on both accounts!!!

Calie said...

I agree with everything you how do we make a difference? I mean besides casting our votes. I appriciate you for sharing your voice on this. I think that makes a difference. April you make a difference. You go girl! I love you!

Marne said...

I also agree with you April! Sadly though, I feel Obama will win. I look at it as just one more thing we have to go through as we get closer to the Second Coming. It was bound to happen. Our country/Constitution is supposed to "hang by a thread" and be on the brink of destruction, right?

Thanks for the green drink info. Tis the season for junk....but you inspire us all to be healthier!

Tami said...

I've been worried too! Who will win..what about Proposition 8 also! It definitely is crazy times. I've been reading a book about Emma and just think about back then when the saints were persecuted for living their religion. Now it seems like it is getting to our day when we will be persecuted for standing for what is right!

And by the way - Thanks for letting us visit briefly! I'm glad you will be able to use our carpet! :)