Sunday, November 09, 2008

flowers and a 9mm pistol

so look what came along with Fall! My boring bushes turned a fire red and then the mums...the beautiful mums just came out of nowhere. I recommend planting mums for those who are having a hard time saying goodbye to summer's flowers- these mums have been seriously so delightful in the glum deadness of early winter-

and with that- another thing that makes me smile- we bought a gun.

I come from a gun family. Dad has his share of rifles and pistols, Mom loved to go shooting- Bryon has more guns than anyone I know-

Chay and I have been wanting to get one for awhile. After we read in the paper on Saturday that the gun shops were almost completely out of their inventory, we decided to join in and get a gun- before they get too expensive from supply and demand and/or laws changing in the future to increase taxes or outlawing the right to purchase one - I am glad that Chay did his research and that we already knew what we wanted- because when we walked into the store there were at least a hundred people all looking at guns and deciding which one to buy. There were families, children running around, teenagers, Dads, Moms- all there to buy a gun- not these freaky criminal type people or gang member look-a-likes but just normal everyday people who are concerned about their rights. I don't know why but I got a little emotional as I watched all these people doing their part to protect their constitutional rights...and it's not just in Utah it is everywhere- just google "increase in gun sales" and you will see what is happening all over the country.

...and as I continue to disturb more and more of my readers with my strong opinion- it is ok- the gun is hidden in a very safe place- far from the youngsters. Although I think Chay and I will take it to the range this week to test it out.

so mums and guns...


Sherry in Moses Lake said...

Hi April,

I finally figured out how to see your blog and it has filled my heart with such sweet thoughts. You are like your mom in so many ways. I love how you express yourself. At the funeral I was so amazed at the wonderful singer you are - and now this morning I see you are a writer. It really does soothe the soul, doesn't it?

Well, I couldn't sleep and was thinking of your mom so I looked at her blog again. . . reread some things. I miss her too. Yesterday was our Primary Sacrament Program. I'm the chorister and have been stressing a little for some time now. Anyway, sitting in your mom's pink flowered pajamas (yes, she gave me her FAT clothes - which fit!) I told Ray that the two things always on my mind this whole year was EDK's leaving and, believe it or not, whether the children would actually remember the songs we had worked on so long. Well, the program went beautifully. And your mom is busy being a missionary in the spirit world, so I felt very peaceful last night.

You will live a faithful, productive life, April. You are your mother's daughter. I got to speak with Joette last Sunday and she, too, is a very special girl. Your mother will live on in the lives of all she touched, but expecially her children. She has every reason to be proud of you all.

Well, the alarm just went off. So I'd better get Ray's breakfast and lunch fixed.

I love you April. Take care.
Sherry in Moses Lake

Calie said...

Isn't it amazing how all the different people and families are getting involved with this. Deffinitly gives you some food for thought.
I too love mums. They always make me happy because when most flowers are dying off the mums come out. Have a great day. April I love you!

Tiffani said...

April - please email info about the type of gun you and Chay purchased. I think we need one for our home, also.

Tami said...

It's your go ahead and write whatever you want. If you readers are getting disturbed - then they can quit reading! You are entitled to your opinion and expressing it just as everyone else is. Anyway - love the mums! They were really pretty when I saw them. I need some of them!

Tara said...

I, too, am enjoying the flowers that are still in bloom. How wonderful. I hope that my pansies will stick around a bit longer, too, so there is a bit of color contrast (when it starts to snow).

Niels said...

Tara doesn't know yet, but I am buying several guns for our home...I think I want one hanging over the fireplace. Just kidding...actualy, I own a .22 rifle, but I don't have a safe place to store it at my house, so it is at my parents house in a gun cabinet. I also own a BB gun. YUP.