Monday, November 10, 2008

the heidi life

oh what it would be like to live the Heidi life.

This book makes me giggle when I read it to Kenzie. It really is kind of a nice happy go lucky kind of book- but when you take the words out of context and just repeat them throughout the day at random times, it can be really hilarious. Whenever Kenzie is having a bad episode I tell her, "the mountains will make you well, yes they will"

I love children's books...and there might be some truth to that goat milk.

Here are my most quoted lines from the book

"Every day Clara drank great bowlfuls of sweet goat milk. "This is so good," she sighed, "and I am so hungry! At home I never like to eat!"
"It is the healthy mountain air," smiled Grandfather""


"And Heidi kept dancing around them both, singing happily, "I knew the mountains would make you well! I knew they would make you well!""


Tiffani said...

I just happened to notice that you have some other blogs. Is the I am Gage blog about Tara's Gage? I would love love be invited. Also I just noticed your journal about MS - I haven't read it yet but look forward to learning with you.

Calie said...

I love Heidi! Have a happy day April I love you!

Heather said...

Healthy mountain air is good for you. I loved growing up in Newman Lake. I long to get back to more country and less neighborhood living. minus the goat milk!! So did Kenzie like this book?? I love books!

Tara said...

Children's books are so wonderful. Tonight I read Mickey and the Beanstalk to Gage.

We have done a little experiment with Gage - he enjoys everything about the same - as long as their is 'inflection' in our voices. Reading the scriptures is getting livelier at my house, definitely.

Stephanie said...

You have TOTALLY made my day with this entry! THANK YOU!!

xcdenke said...

Seriously, is there anything a goat produces that isn't delish? Love the quotes. Joette is right, your blog is funny.

Ann Marie said...

HAHAHAHA!! That is totally hilarious!! I do think some childrens books are pretty funny...Its fun when youre reading a book to a child and you all the sudden bust up laughing because of the stuff that is written, but the kid has no idea why you think its so funny!! Its great! Joette posted a nice video of me reading a childrens book this onetime in a was the best book, she even asked the waitress if I could keep it! Its sittin in my room as we speak! Haha!!
PS: the book was called..."thats not my puppy!"