Wednesday, November 26, 2008


so...I have been doing really well with keeping my priorities in line- for a couple of days (except yesterday...and today ugh) I have told myself no computer, no tv, no phone (sorry Emily)...and you know what is funny? My girls are so much better behaved when they don't have to fight for my that is good. I don't feel it is fair to their time either to see their Mom preoccupied with things that really don't accomplish much- Do your kids go buck wild the minute you pick up your phone to talk? Anyone??

Chay and I went shooting for our anniversary. We decided to try out our new gun. I love telling people we went shooting- just to see their reaction mostly. Some say "wow that is so cool, we should go together some time" and some will just give that awkward you're crazy look, and others will disagree completely- and so it is sort of entertaining.

well anyway I can't believe how scary it is to shoot a 9mm.

The best part about buying ammunition and shooting at the club is the fact that I am always carded. I accidentally forgot my drivers licence on Saturday and the guy at the shooting range told me I couldn't shoot anyway because I was under 21. I had to giggle about that when I corrected him and told him I was 29. I then told the guy Chay and I had two girls at home and that I am as innocent as they come "please let me shoot" He let me in. I felt flattered for a second about being carded until I glanced at the rest of the ladies who were in line to shoot. They were gruff hardcore flannel never worn mascara type ladies- and here I was wearing big earrings and actual fitting clothes- The ladies in line probably all had a nick name for me I am sure.

so when I first shot the gun I about died...I was taken back, kicked back, hurt my back- when I pulled the trigger for the first time. I couldn't believe the power- holy crap. I instantly felt respect for the weapon and I knew that responsibility was key in owning this thing.

I almost started to panic a little and my heart started to race. It was like the loudness and jolt of the gun threw the beating pattern of my heart off and I started to get pains in my chest. I just couldn't believe it. Chay was just laughing at was kind of scary. Chay taught me how to aim the gun at the target. My target was an outline of a man and Chay told me to aim for the number 5 which was placed exactly in the middle of the target man's head. (I know- how bad can this get right?) but it is ok- I realized that I could one day save my children's life or my own for the matter and BOOM I put a bullet hole right through the number 5.

I honestly hope I never have to use the gun in self defence...but shooting was kind of interesting and I will probably go again- just so I can get rid of the jitters.

So whatever doubt some may have about guns- they are legitimate doubts I am sure- but I just trust the 2nd amendment and know the constitution was inspired and it is ok- it really is-

I hope Bryon reads this post. He would be so proud of his little sister.


Calie said...

Woweeee April! You go girl! I cant believe you hit the number 5 right off. You must be a natural.

I wish I would still get carded for looking under 21...those days are long gone for me. In my heart though I am still that young hip chick! HA!
Love you April and Happy Thanksgiving.

Heather said...

hahahah I got carded the other night also. I was happy. That is so amazing that you are learning to shoot, I have always wanted to shoot a gun. I can't have a gun, I don't trust myself. Especially like last night, our neighbors played loud music all night. I would have loved to go shoot a couple holes in their car LOL just kidding. (a little)!!!!

have fun, so was Chey impressed with how well you shot? Its like Mr. and Mrs. Smith all over again. Have you seen that movie???