Wednesday, December 17, 2008

dear kenzie

Dear Mckenzie,

I can't believe you are 3 today. ok nevermind yes I can- You are everything 3. -moody, sincere, bratty at times, loves to snuggle, loves books, bosses everyone around, is quite familiar with 'time-out', sings I am a Child of God throughout the day, loving, stomps in mud puddles with your brand new shoes, colors on the table, rearranges Mom's cupboards, cries at the drop of a dime, loves to pray, pretends to be holding baby Jesus, likes your feet to be rubbed..."with lotion please"- yes you are 3- and we love it- all of it- our little girl.

Sometimes I just stare at you and I say a silent prayer that I may know how to allow every bit of your light get out and shine. I pray I don't hinder any potential you may have. I love (mostly) spending the long days with you. Thank you for coloring with me, helping me cook dinner for Daddy, doing puzzles together, and for just being near me throughout the day. Thanks for sitting in bed with me before nap time while I read my books and you read yours. I love those moments.

Last night Daddy asked me if he could rub my feet. You were laying next to me in bed almost asleep. Before I could say "yes" to Daddy you beat me to it and said, "yes Daddy...with lotion please" It was pretty funny. Your daddy rubs your feet a lot. He loves you so much. He said last night, "oh my- Kenzie is getting pretty" As parents we both got a worried look on our face- oh dear

The other night I was trying to explain to you that you were my daughter and that Daddy was my husband. You cried and cried and said, "I want to be your husband" I further explained that I married Daddy in the temple and that's when he became my husband. You were having a rough time, "I want to marry you in the temple Mommy!"

It is so interesting to hear you express all the love you have one minute and the next you scream at your little sister and tell her "BE QUIET RIGHT NOW!" Is this a reflection of me? Oh probably. I am sorry for being out of control at times and for getting upset over silly things. As your mother I am really trying to get better. Let's be patient with each other ok?

My greatest gift I want to give you Kenzie this birthday is a whole lot better than that cheezy floor puzzle I bought at Ross (I hope you'll like it by the way)- The greatest gift I can ever share with you is my testimony of the Gospel. I know Jesus Christ lives and that through Him is the ONLY way we can be truly happy. I know Joseph Smith saw God the Father and His son Jesus Christ that Spring morning in 1820- which means that God still talks to his people, still cares about us here on earth- and that He will never change and His truth is everlasting. The same church that Jesus established on the earth so many years ago has been restored. It is the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day saints. I cannot doubt this for I know it with all my heart. The members of the church are far from perfect and they might even hurt your feelings from time to time but put your faith in the Gospel and its perfect teachings and your compassion for others will grow and you will grow a more Christ-like way. And as you get older Mckenzie, you will probably be made fun of, ridiculed, and those who you thought would never hurt you- will disown you for the truth which you proclaim. The world will continue to be more accepting to those things the Lord's people have known for ages to be wrong. But with a burning testimony that is nourished with prayer, service, and obedience you will fight and be strong...and I will too- as a family we will do all we can to honor and sustain the fight for truth- for the spirit has testified it to our hearts and no other conviction could ever be stronger. This I know.

Wow- didn't know that would all come out but I guess it did! happy birthday sweetheart.

With Love, Mommy


Joette Tomblin said...

shouldn't you take the 5th grade teacher finding off your list... ?? April we will fight and conquer in the last days... you, me, Brandy... and everyone else we love... Thank you for your shining testimony and example in my life.

Marne said...

Happy Birthday Kenzie! I thought about you guys today. Hope her day was wonderful!

Tara said...

Kenzie, hope you like the little present Gage got you. We called and sang (beautifully... ok maybe not) Happy Birthday on your mom's voicemail. You'll have to borrow her phone for a bit to hear it.

We think you're fabulous and looking forward to seeing you soon!