Tuesday, December 16, 2008


wreath has got to be one of the weirdest words- wreath wreath...say it 4 times in a row really fast...I feel almost a little impaired when I say it- it's a word that actually gives you the ok to speak with a lisp. wreath- and is definitely a word the Brazilians would slaughter- the whole 'th' thing doesn't exactly roll of their tongue too easily.

ok so here is my Christmas wreath I put together a little while back...I am sort of proud of it. It took me awhile to be confident enough in it- I stared at it all the time...and then suddenly I decided I really liked it- plus joette and janna liked it too- and so it was good to go after that.

this is a before-

the camera isn't doing this thing any justice-


The Wright Stuff said...

That is gorgeous! I love it! You can have it up year round too! I love it!!!!!! Miss you!

Marne said...

Lovely April! I love it. I love cranberry stuff. You can leave that up all year....it looks like ones in the store, I would never have guessed!

Anonymous said...

April, if you would like pictures of your girls with Santa I have an "in" with the fat man himself. vickie

Marie said...

I love it! I want to know how you made it. I've been wanting to do something like that!

April said...

Marie, All I did was by the twig wreath at Joanne's with a 50% off coupon so it came to $6 and then I bought strands of holiday berry garland with coupons of course (I deliver papers- you know the whole coupon thing)- I bought 2 different types of garland with different size berries- and the bigger berries are a little different color too- and then I just tore the garland apart with wire cutters and twisted pieces through the twigs- no glue- just twisting in and out and playing around until it stayed and looked good- it was really fun and theraputic-

the whole wreath cost me $16- and the one I originally wanted from Target was $69 so-

April said...

I meant buy the twig wreath not

by the twig wreath