Saturday, December 13, 2008

Mrs. Taylor is 29

emily ann tayor- is there an 'e' at the end of ann? Shouldn't I already know this? oh and I totally stole this picture off your blog. The internet can be disturbing at times wouldn't you agree?

Ok well happy birthday to you. Today I was in the car listening to this song that totally reminded me of you and our road trip days-

I wanted to scan in some pictures from the good old days- like when we attempted dressing up as the Charlie's Angels for Halloween- but maybe I will do that next year when you aren't pregnant anymore- there isn't anything more depressing than looking at pictures of the past- when you are big and pregnant and feel that all fresh and pretty has dropped off by the wayside you will be 30 next year- it will be good redemption time to pull out the pictures when we were in our 20 prime.

ok so Emily. I honestly don't feel more comfortable with anyone like I do with Emily. She is kind of hard to explain- but she is real, honest, opinionated, caring, thoughtful, expressive, informative, stable, funny, real funny, great tasted, and my greatest friend on earth.

She likes to talk you know...and she is easily entertained...and sometimes I feel so incredibly lucky to have landed such a cool friend.--yes very cool...and rad. I love it when I don't have to work at friendships- they just come naturally and there is never an awkward moment- well awkward experiences together indeed but never feeling this way towards one another.

She has put me in my place more than once. She isn't easily persuaded- and well I just really like her- I like talking to her- she knows a lot about me and she still likes me. She is very patient and loving through all my ups and downs- and all the little fazes I get myself into.

Emily is pregnant- hence the picture. She will be one of the most fantastic moms of all time- I kid you not. Her children will be reading novels at age 4 and performing at the bluegrass festival while preparing to serve missions and earning their young women recognition awards...and they will obviously have dynamic personalities like their mother...and father (I guess I will include you too Greg)

happy birthday Emily. Rock on 2000.(that is starting to get lame...but Brock is still hot)

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Emily Taylor said...

Yay!! Thank you for the tribute. A little exaggerated, but I know I'm not the first person to accuse you of that ;) I don't think my kids will be reading novels until they are at least 5.