Wednesday, December 10, 2008

book signing let's continue on with last Saturday's happenings.

um so the book signing was out of control. I would say Glenn Beck probably signed 1000 books that day. Here Joette and I are asking the worker lady for another Christmas Sweater book. Deseret Book was jammed pack full of die hard talk radio Glenn Beck lovers. There was for sure a certain energy floating around Deseret Book that day. Everyone was holding the red and white book- some were even holding 5-6 copies to be signed. The book signing line wrapped around the store and out into the mall. But then occasionally you would find someone with their eyes wide open wandering around the store looking at all the people saying "Who is Glenn Beck? Should I know who this guy is?"

Ok so Glenn Beck arrived at Deseret Book to be greeted by a round of applause. He picked up a portable intercom thingy (what is the correct word for those? You know those loud speakers life guards use?) Anyway he was very humbled by the large crowd. He spoke sincerely about the state of our country. He warned us of how bad things are going to get economically. He told us he loved Utah and the people of the Valley and that members of the church will be tomorrow's leaders. (I am paraphrasing big time) He got emotional- he always does. He asked that we would pray for his family and he wasn't sure how long he would be allowed to express his feelings on the air. He also said that love and forgiveness is the only way we can survive in this country. He said he hopes he doesn't make people become haters of the democrat party but to remember the government has corruption on both sides. As time goes on both parties will continue to ignore the constitution and the government will continue to grow bigger and bigger. He said also that he has spoken to several senators and congressmen who believe that Joseph Smith's prophecy that the constitution will hang by a thread in the last days is happening right now...and that we need to unite not divide with our fellow Americans in love and righteousness and to protect our rights. He said a lot more but I can't really remember at the moment. But it was all good and warm Beck stuff.

Here I am waiting...almost my turn! So when it was finally my turn to get my books signed I got so dang excited!! I said, "Brother Beck!!! It is so nice to meet you. I just want to tell you thank you for what you do. I listen to you all the time and I believe a lot what you say is true. I get it. I get it. (He always says on the air that he wishes people could just "get it") He was smiling of course and sort of chuckled at my "Brother Beck!!!" He said thank you back and said, "will you please pray for my family" and I said, "yes"




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and that was it...nothing too special- but I couldn't stop smiling! I met Glenn Beck!

It was great to see all the people out there who are passionate about their country in a Glenn Beck sort of way- I now feel like there is a army out there stronger than I had imagined. Many people are ready to move forward with doing what is right, standing up for our beliefs, protecting our country from the inside out.

So I love love Glenn Beck. I think he is really funny. And funny people are like April magnets. I love how he tells the truth. He doesn't favor anything except what is right...and I admire him. His conversion story is powerful too. I actually wanted more from the book- more juice- more drama- more dragged out change stuff...but I think it is quite perfect for those out there who have never really understood the atonement and who have no clue how to escape their yuckies. I absolutely love the influence Glenn Beck has on those who are outside of the church.

But on the way out of Deseret Book, I noticed a book on the shelf. No one was buying it. I kind of just had this little tiny thought way down that something was a little off...

I saw the new book by the apostle Elder Jeffery R. Holland "Broken Things to Mend" and I knew that whatever was written in that book covered what the Christmas Sweater had to offer plus 100 times more...and suddenly I wished in my heart that thousands of members were lined up to buy that book also...or instead.

so hint hint Santa...what a good book to have on my dresser next to my bed...hmmmm

JANNA!! Thank you for being our personal professional photographer and getting every shot possible of glenny.


Tami said...

I get a chuckle out of your continuing Glenn Beck story..especially when you were thinking of things to say to him awhile ago. Awesome! Glad you got your book signed and able to meet him. I need to start listening to him. I just hear thru you and Tiff about what he talks about.

Marne said...

So glad you had a good time! What a great experience for you. And great pictures too. He seems like a really great person to meet. Some people aren't that great to meet in person.

I agree with what you said at the end of your post. The Christmas Sweater is a great book, no doubt about it. But the scriptures, the conference messages and books by apostles offer the same message, and so much more....

Janna said...

ahh i love it and i love you! thanks for letting me be with you. i had such a great time. I just posted a quick blip on my blog about our weekend so you'll have to check it out. Love you!

Calie said...

Yeah April. It looks like you had a great time. What a cool guy. I am thankful for poeple like that in our world. I am thankful for people like you in my world. Love you Apey!

Niels said...

It's a megaphone.