Friday, December 19, 2008

fight for freedom friday

The Big FFFF Fight For Freedom Friday- lol or I was going to call this the Big FFF- Founding Father's Friday- because I have a treasure trove of amazing quotes from the Founding Fathers.... anyway- I've decided to dedicate one day a week to FREEDOM!

George Michael can keep singing.

ok so this is something I am very passionate and concerned about.

We are entering some scary times.

We are choosing security over freedom my friends...

We are letting go of everything this country was founded upon.

So- this is my small way of doing my part to protect our freedom...and in days to come I would like to do more and more- be continued....

"From my infancy I was taught to love humanity and liberty. Enquiry and experience have since confirmed my reverence for the lessons then given me, by convincing me more fully of their truth and excellence. Benevolence towards mankind excites wishes for their welfare, and such wishes endear the means of fulfilling them. These can be found in liberty only, and therefore her sacred cause ought to be espoused by every man, on every occasion, to the utmost of his power. As a charitable, but poor person does not withhold his mite because he cannot relieve all the distresses of the miserable, so should not any honest man suppress his sentiments concerning freedom, however small their influence is likely to be. Perhaps he “may touch some wheel,” that will have an effect greater than he could reasonably expect. . . ."

John Dickinson
Letters From a Farmer in Pennsylvania
to the Inhabitants of the British Colonies

It is amazing how people craved liberty back in those is even more amazing to the total contrary how people could really care less today...unless Oprah said something about it and then they might care for an hour or so- (she wouldn't know what she was talking about anyway)

oh and if you are pro-life you really really need to click HERE and sign the petition to fight FOCA- The Freedom of Choice Act. And please watch the video to the left- and understand why this man makes me nervous.

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