Monday, December 22, 2008

holiday cheer

I don't even own one Christmas CD...isn't that weird? I would rather listen to Glenn Beck than Chestnuts Roasting- that is pretty lame....I have tried with all I have to be in the mood this year-I am sort of there. Ok not really. kind of- depends- I'm pretty good at faking it- you know- making cinnamon rolls for the neighbors and all.

so here we are as a loving family frosting cookies together. Oh how lovely and wonderful it is to be in each other's presence and celebrating this remarkable season. This night was full of hugs and laughter. Traditions being made at their best. I should write Christmas cards.

I have read too many cheery holiday fluff stuff lately - I mean of course we all frost cookies together as a family but isn't there normally someone upset about something, some kid screaming their head off about something...and there has to be a little bickering about something, right?

Pictures are so deceiving:

I think a door was slammed a couple minutes before this one was taken

and a little "crap, I don't care, why do you always get to, I think you need a time-out, I am so tired of always cleaning up after everyone, when is it time for bed, these cookies are making me fat" right after this was taken:

Kenzie's cheezer says it all-

want a cookie? (that's for you Joette- a little inside joke)


Marne said...

Yes, pictures can be deceiving....and I have had plenty of angry moments with my kids this season...last night for one...BUT I can't focus on it or it ruins my whole attitude. That's life with kids! GO buy some Christmas music April! I can't beleive you don't have any....if I am grumpy that always cheers me up this time of year. :) I love Christmas Music.

Tami said...

I think making Christmas memories or any kind of memories come with many moments like that! We made a gingerbread house and had to get after the kids for eating the candy or pounding the knife on the all comes with the package and everyone has those moments!

Mothership said...

Your baby looks like Joette--so pretty!

And, yah. You need music!

Tami said...

Okay how is this for holiday cheer....I'm finishing making Christmas pjs (yeah last minute!) and the boys are playing trains. They had been fighting all morning over trains (same as usual) but I could tell Casen was getting really mad so I went to see what the deal was and just then Casen picks up a train and chucks it at Clayton which hits him square in the nose. I put Casen in time-out and by the time I'm back to help Clayton, there is blood everywhere!! Running down his chin, into his mouth, he wiped it across his forehead, ear, on clothes. It was gushing pretty good! So yeah that put me in a good holiday spirit :)

Chay said...

You know....after looking at those pictures, I don't remember losing my temper or whatever. It's almost like it (temper) never happened and we had one of those perfect, blissful holiday family cookie baking/frosting nights. We do have some dang cute kids. I can't wait to see the look on their faces Christmas morning. I love my fam, I wish I were home right now.

Tara said...

We have holiday CDs but didn't pull them out... Niels' iPod has some on that, so we don't even go back to the CDs. I thought we got you a MoTab Christmas CD awhile back... maybe it was just a MoTab CD... can't remember.

Pictures are deceiving at times and other times aren't. We have so many pictures of a grumpy little Gage... and of course his parents :) Love it! See you guys tonight.