Wednesday, December 03, 2008

glow meter

I found my wallet. Well I didn't find it, but it is no longer lost.

I prayed that honest hands would find it and lucky lucky me- some high school student found it in the Burley High School gym and turned it in with nothing missing. I love honesty!

It was that darn Farm Craft Sale I tell you. Thanks Marne and Tiff for being concerned and for helping me look for my wallet.

I lose a lot of stuff. dear me

So...I love love love to listen to Glenn Beck. I am now trading my Oprah time for Beck time and trust me- it is a lot more fulfilling. Nice ssssswitch April!
And I get to meet him this weekend- at his book signing.

I can argue with Rush Limbaugh- he just seems stressed you know? I picture him sitting in his studio sweating profusely as he thumbs through all his papers. He is so full of democratic hate that it's just so exhausting-

and Sean Hanity makes my blood curl the way he interrupts everyone all the time- and he yells...all the time- so I could care less if I agree- I rarely watch or listen to either Rush or Sean...

...anyway but Glenn Beck is just different- He is very funny for one thing and I swear he tells jokes that only him and I get -ok I know he makes other people laugh too--but I just love his humor- and I also feel that he is right. He speaks a lot of truth. I can feel his purpose in this world on a far larger scale than just a radio/TV show guy. With my little pockets of discernment I would say Glenn to be a sincere real good person. I have a glow meter and it says he glows. Have you noticed this before in people?

I am sure many of you disagree about Glenn Beck- but...really?? really??

Chay glows too. I know when people glow. LOL- ok so

So what should I say to Glenn Beck when I see him this weekend? On the paper route I sometimes pretend to have conversations with people. Do you guys do this too when you're alone? So this morning I was thinking of the perfect one sentence to say to Glenn Beck as he signs my book... about

"what's up Glenn?" ok that's retarded

"Do you know you have nice eyes?" oh my, who will give me money if I say this?

with American Flag in hand, "I have the first 10 lines of the constitution memorized. Do you want to hear it?" ok I am just being funny obviously- but I think he would be impressed.

How about just a

"thank you for defending the constitution, standing up for what is right, not being afraid to talk about religion and God in the media, calling out on what republicans and democrats are doing wrong, helping those who have forgotten what freedom means and for reminding us that hatred gets us nowhere." ok I obviously won't have time to say this- and I will probably just get giddy and nervous and politely smile as he signs my book.

I am so excited. Who wants to go with me?

You should really listen to

and watch this

and part 2

and I know most of you don't have time and you are cruising through your blog reading as fast as you can but oh this is another good one.

Tiffani- here is another one for you

My favorite line from this clip "I don't care if there is Kool-Aid down in the basement, I'm drinking it"


Stephanie said...

I WANNA GO!!! I WANNA GO!! Where is he going to be for his book signing???? I think that would be a cool gift for my dad if I could get a book from him...I have a love for that man besides him being a great radio host b/c he's from the Philly area...

Ann Marie said...

What an amazing man! He has really gone through a lot and come a long way! I want to read his new book. I went to his website and read the stories of people who have read his book and have been inspired by it and realized the power of God in their lives! He has really helped a lot of people! Its nice to know there are still good media people out there!