Saturday, December 06, 2008

or I could say

or I could say to Glenn Beck today

"You sign my book and I'll wear your Christmas sweater"


I am so excited to see him today. This is like meeting Brad Pitt for me. ok that is a bad comparison but you know what I mean.

AHHHHH and then Joette, Janna and I are going to Ikea for some Swedish meatballs.


Calie said...

April I am on pins and needles waiting for what you said to him.....come on!!! Tell us! :)

Marie said...

Have fun meeting Glenn Beck! I cracked up at your 'name the house on your route' post. Jeff and I did that too, mostly because it was dark and certain things struck us - we had the fake deer house and the ornamental cabbage house,etc. we had some apts. too - good stair workout in the morning! I threw a paper on the roof accidentaly and Jeff had to get it! It was a crazy blessing for us too - it was hard to get up so early but it is a good memory.

Marne said...

So what happened? Spill the beans!

April said...

ok I really want to write a post on the Glenn Beck book signing aftermath but I am awaiting for some pictures to be emailed to me- Janna took some really good I wait and so must y'all.