Tuesday, March 31, 2009

bite your neck

(oh what a lovely picture to grasp an idea of Julia on a daily basis- don't worry Dad you didn't make her cry, that is just who she is half the time)

Dad came to visit me a couple weeks ago.

It was nice to have him around. There is a sense of comfort when Dad is here. He has known me since day one...so I like the fact that I can be totally myself around him.

I am sure the screaming kids drove him up the wall- but surprisingly he did better than I thought. At least he had Chay to play with from time to time...going to the gun store and fixing cars and such. We always have a car to fix around here.

We went on the paper route together. 4:30 came bright and early. Well not bright- just early. Dad was a paperboy himself in his early years. So he was teaching me how he used to fold papers in the 50's. We both decided that newspapers are bigger now than they used to be...

"Come here I'm gonna bite your neck!" was probably my Dad's favorite thing to say to the girls when he was here. When Julia heard this, who is in her non interpretive stage, would just giggle. And Kenzie who in her overly interpretive A.K.A sensitive stage would grab her neck out of protection and come run and hide under my arm...
Dad, where did you exactly get that saying anyway? Now that I think about it for the first time in 29 years, it is a little disturbing isn't it? oh and I just remembered the other phrase my dad loves to tell little children. "Come here I'm gonna throw you in the oven!."
Those of you from the home front- Calie, Lorena, Joette- you all know Dad's quirky sayings all too well...what entertainment they bring to the family.

I love my Dad. He is so simple. So full of love...and he's got to be the most genuine man out there. He teaches with tough love often yet really he is nothing more than a big teddy bear.

Thanks for coming Dad. I love you.


The Wright Stuff said...


He is a wonderful man. That is so cool he came to visit you and your family.

Calie said...

"Cripe oh dear" is another funnyone. My kids all know his sayings well too. So funny. They are just part of who he is. My grandpa used to tell me every time we left to "not take any wooden nickles" whatever that means? haha I still to this day can hear him saying that to me. Keith has some funny ones of your grandpa too. Like dont wear rubber boots around the fire you will wet the bed or some weird thing like that. Too funny. Anyway thanks for sharing. Love you!

Dorene said...
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Dorene said...

I remember your dad saying that very thing; "I'm gonna put you in the oven", I can't remember which kid he used to say it to in my family. Too Funny! You are lucky you got the Tomblin boy you did as a Dad, he is a kindhearted sweetie. Maybe a tad gruff sounding sometimes but he's all bark and no bite! ;o)
Keep being you April and keep blogging your God given common sense.

(sorry, detected a typo and reposted.)