Monday, March 30, 2009

where are you planted?

I'm going to be in complete denial...and pretend there isn't 5 inches of snow in my backyard.

Because if I dwell on the fact that we are soon approaching the month of April and it looks like we should go caroling or something for family home evening tonight- I am going to freak out. Ok I already have freaked out- more than once. I even tried to blame Chay for the snow- it didn't work.

So as I patiently await for sunshine and vitamin D, I will concentrate on these pictures- which believe it or not were taken a week ago, when we were actually having normal spring weather:

I am not a garden guru by all means. I just try. And plus I think gardens are really rad.

This year I decided to experiment planting tomatoes and broccoli inside my house to transfer later into the garden outside. When I first planted the seeds I thought "there is no way these little seeds are going to grow" I know, where's the faith. I was sure I would never see anything green popping up from the soil- but guess what????

My little seeds germinated!!! That is a big garden guru word. And one day I went downstairs and peeked into the window seal where my plants are...and what do you know? Green little plants...making their way through the soil....oh what joy.

I'm a sign seeker. Didn't have faith until I saw that the plants were actually growing. Maybe gardening is here to teach me something more about myself than I thought???


The Wright Stuff said...

That is so exciting! You're awesome! I know I'm gonna see you on Martha Stewart Living someday!

The Wright Stuff said...

Bloom where you're planted!

Tiffani said...

Hooray - they are growing. I still need to plant some seeds indoors. Thanks for the reminder!

Elissa said...

Yay! Baby plants! How cute!