Friday, March 20, 2009


There is something in the air. I can just feel it. Maybe I am just starting to pay more attention. I'm not sure. But people are starting to talk more about the country and its destination. And it is exciting. Not exciting that the country's government is going to pot, but that people are starting to wake up and are actually talking about it.

Talk about something in the air- we went to the Air Force Base Museum that is near my house this past weekend. It was packed. People everywhere. I was surprised. Who goes to an Air Force museum for fun... in March?

Look at Ju Ju just staring at that huge aircraft. Holy smokes that plane was huge.

I love museums. I just do. Anything factual, historical...I'm a sucker for- but when it has anything to do with military or with the United States of America- I really like it- and I get emotional- of course.

So the Air force Museum.

We were walking through this gallery of uniforms that Air force soldiers have worn throughout the years. Without really explaining to Kenzie where we were or what we were doing, she just started to ramble off the Pledge of Allegiance. It made me smile to know she clued in on the flags that were on the uniforms. But what made me really smile was this 6'5 huge muscular man with a very short hair cut who was standing right next to us. He was definitely a soldier. He overheard Kenzie's cute attempt at the Pledge of Allegiance and he looked right at me and said very excitedly, "that is so awesome" He looked then right at Kenzie with such admiration and looked at me again for a quick second. We connected. No more words were needed. We both knew we were passionate for our country. His look to me was a thank you for raising children to love this country...and my look to him was a thank you for protecting my family and my country which we both love so much.

Priceless moment. I walked away with the big pounding of the heart- and a little tear.

So- how are you going to fight for your freedoms? Um...start with the family. Well get educated first...with the family. "let's go to the library" Read EVERYTHING. Talk about your concerns first in your home, then with friends, then with strangers at the gym or wherever, and with co-workers, go to Tea Parties (they are being held all over the country) oh not tea parties where you drink tea- the Tea Parties being organized by groups who are fed up with government, write your congress leaders, be affluent in American History...and Pray. Pray...this is God's chosen land. He will listen. oh...and the majority of my friends think I'm a nut job. Some people label me with being all wrapped up in the flag. That is ok. I actually don't even own a flag. Isn't that weird? I want to get one though. I am stereotyped not as a normal citizen should be- but as someone overly involved with current events and politics. Just because I know who Timothy Geitner is? Come on.

But anyway- one day I believe we will thank all those who are standing up right now, today, for our rights and liberties. One day.

oh and here is a cute video. Kenzie has no idea what she is saying. But the soldier at the air force base did. Love this.


The Wright Stuff said...

That video is adorable! I love the experience you had you had with that soldier too. That is so awesome! I want to go to that museum!

Stephani said...

That is really cute April, your little girl is so sweet. Good job teaching her to love and respect her country so early. :)

When you get a minute, would you send me your email address? to
We decided to make our blog private, and I wanted to send you an invite.

April said...

Stephani- your email address was incorrect- but here is my email

everyone is going private it seems

I have enjoyed your blog- I love seeing pictures of your siblings- I don't think I would even be able to recognize them if I saw them

how is the baby coming? Getting close? Oh my gosh those first 2 weeks after the baby is born are so hard for me- good luck

Joette said...

oh that made me cry hard.. you are such a good mom... teaching and doing all the right things.