Thursday, April 30, 2009

favorite sport: make the girls laugh

I'm not sure if I should even post this. Everything in this video is out of control. I am out of control, the girl's room is out of control, my girls are out of control, Chay is out of control for filming it...I'm out of control for posting it.

Sometimes it is so addicting to make the girlies laugh. I love it. I am always doing whatever it takes to get them to giggle -(obvious proof from the video). Chay must have been particularly interested in Ju Ju's reaction to her mom's silliness...he kept the camera on her the whole time...cute little ju ju.

after the play time we then of course did our duties and cleaned the room for 2'm kidding... Mom would have loved to see this video. My girls have the hardiest it.


The Wright Stuff said...

LOVE THAT!!!!! LOL You are the best mom ever, April!!!! I love their laughs! Adorable!

The Wright Stuff said...

Ok, Hudson just watched that with me and now he wants me to keep doing it!!! LOL

I love how Julia picks her nose at the end! LOL

Emily Taylor said...

I wish my kisses had that effect on people. I don't think there is anything more sweet then a mom playing with her kids. That was such a cute video. I giggled the whole time. Good job Chay for catching it on film.