Monday, April 13, 2009


So Joette was here for 10 days. Never got sick of her. Not even once.

Although her visit kind of put the whole "reclaiming" business on hold...or in whatever perspective you choose to look at it- made it all the stronger, more colorful, more detailed...what is reclaiming anyway?: Finding that which was once lost?....Ok so Joette's visit then actually fit nicely in the "reclaiming April in April"...the first few days we ate hummus, sprouted wheat and lentil tortillas, almond butter, avocados, and acai juice, but then the late nights and early paper route mornings caught up with I caved in and ate Easter candy and Easter pie and Easter mashed potatoes...(Holidays have such a bitter opposition sometimes)

But if you wrap up the past 10 days into one experience, and watched it as a movie, you would see that despite the poor food choices....reclaiming, renewing, rejuvenating, relaxing was all done. Thanks Joette.

We went on walks and held hyper Julia on our shoulders.
We watched Chay put in recessed lights in the living room.
We watched Australia 4 times...and practiced our English and Australian accents all week.
Watched conference.
We went on a hike up in the mountains and talked about the power of mind over DNA genetics and men with nice voices.
We went to the temple. Joette almost did a session with her dress on backwards.
We saw our Aunt Linda...who has many the same mannerisms as Mom.
We saw our cousin Vickie. She radiates faith. She told us about one of our ancestors who was blind and serenaded Joseph Smith on Christmas Eve.
We worked on my 72 hour kit together.
We sang "Beautiful to Him" 100 + times at the piano.
We bought fruit trees.
We painted a picture.
We went to Costco whenever we could.
We listened to The Killers. I love the song "Human" now.
We canned some dry pack at the cannery.
We watched the Emma Smith movie. We let Kenzie stay up with us to watch it till 11!
We watched a little Glenn Beck when we could.

Joette fell in love with my girls again. They warmed up to her faster than anyone I have ever seen, besides Mom of course.
Joette held Julia until she fell asleep. (Miracle)

Why I love Joette. Well she's my sister for one- but I really like her -because she is "true friend" material. You can be honest with her and she doesn't get upset. You can tell her your biggest weaknesses and she won't judge you. You can say, "Can I call you back, I don't feel like talking right now" and she totally understands. You never have to doubt Joette's testimony of the Savior and the gospel. She is who she is. She always listens to her gut and acts. I envy this about her. She has no fear when she knows she is being guided by the Holy Ghost.

Joette is so relaxed. How does she stay so even steven all the time? I am like a freaking roller coaster and Joette can handle me so well...she actually calms me.

Miss you Joette. Come again. I think you should move down here by the way.


JT said...

I'm so glad you were able to visit with Joette, she is Amazing... My family is coming this weekend and I'm so excited! There is something so comforting about having family near, especially when you don't live close.. I miss you, plan a trip up here ASAP, I can't believe how big your girls are getting!

The Potters said...

I love Joette too but don't get to spend nearly as much time with her:) she is awesome and very calming. It sounds like you guys did alot for the time she was there. i think you must be able to get more done when your kids are a little older, I only do one major thing a day if I'm lucky or get out of the house once:)
April I think your blog is my favorite. I love reading your words, they are poetic- you bring something out in my deep down inner soul-who I really wanna be and I love feeling that way. So yor words are so good for me. thankyou. i love you.

Solveig said...

I totally agree that Joette is the best. I'm glad you guys had such a good week together!