Friday, May 01, 2009

the chaco update

My Chacos broke. I kid you not. It appears that the blog post about my love affair with these shoes jinxed me...I swear only 2 days after posting that post, Kenzie stepped down on the back of the shoe while I was lifting up and "rip".

Chay didn't seem to be too disappointed for some reason...until I insisted I get a new pair.

so now what?...what on earth am I going to do? They are still wearable...I think I am going to write to Chacos Incorporated and tell them how loyal I am to their shoes and how I voluntarily advertise for them all the time- which has lead quite a few folks to the purchasing of their shoes...hmmm....maybe I could get a free pair??? Their soles have a lifetime warranty but the straps don't...

so while I was mourning the breakage of my beloved shoe...Kenzie cheered me up when she noticed this picture and said, "Look Mommy, Jesus has Chacos too!"

"yes, Kenzie, Jesus has Chacos too." It was the greatest thing I had heard all day.


Heather said...

i finally pulled my chaos out for springtime. yay! i bought 2 pairs on a super deal a few years ago from I say - buy a new pair on sale and have them for another few years. :)

Heather said...

chacos rather - not chaos

Tiffani said...


The Potters said...

so sad. I'm so sorry, what a bummer. I have two pairs, and my first pair i bought about 6 years ago are just barely starting to wear out. I strongly advise Chay to let you get a new pair if Chaco wont give you a free pair. That is so funny about kenzie and the jesus picture, I have noticed that before too. They are the TRUE sandal and Eternal:) except for the straps:)
love you.
ps we are moving to Provo in August!!