Thursday, July 16, 2009


I can't believe stuff grows when I plant it.

it's a miracle really.

I have been working outside a lot lately... pretending that I know what I am doing...messing with flowers...and my garden. I have so many tomato plants...they were all the ones I started from seed back in March and they all grew big on me and now I don't have the heart to throw them away or give them away- they are like my children.

So if you live near me...expect some tomatoes to be found on your front porch...and no I will not can my tomatoes. No mason jars are found at this household...the thought of canning stresses me out. It is just so much easier to buy canned tomatoes from the store when they go on sale. I like to freeze things...that is about it.

I love seeing my girls going to town on freshly picked peppers and snap peas were a hit too. I feel like Eve when I play in my garden. I would love to live off the land...can you imagine a life of eating only garden food?

Eve must have been beautiful...

and Adam too for that he worked hard at the sweat of his own brow...dang...definitly hot.

I love my little backyard. It is our little oasis get away. Shaded for most of the day with our huge tree-...we build forts, have snacks, dig, color, swim...slide. We went to the dump a couple months dump junk obviously- but I found a kid's slide sitting on the ground- perfect! and I also picked up 8 big planters pots for all my tomato plants...TREASURES. I felt like my dad for a quick moment.

Dad always comes home from the dump with some found treasure. Like that one time... a big box full of used purses... Mom: "Where on earth did you get all those ugly purses" Dad: "the dump...some of them are really nice" The box of purses stayed in our garage for about 5 years until one day Mom secretly threw them away.

what's going on in your backyard?


The Wright Stuff said...

Oh April.... I love you. LOL I love the sentence about Eve being beautiful and Adam being hot! LOL Your garden looks amazing! I so wish we were neighbors! I would love to have some of your snap peas! We are currently growing tomatoes, squash, zucchini, cucumbers and green beans.... they're all doing well, except for the beans... they are struggling and I'm really sad about it. :( Miss you! When are you coming to visit?????

The Wright Stuff said...

Oh ya, and I also loved the story of Gary bringing home the purses from the dump.... LOL hilarious!

JT said...

miss you tons. just got back from being at girls camp all week, (lucky me was ward camp director this year).. brought back memories of all of us girls having so much fun at camp.. seems like just yesterday and yet it's been 15 years! going home this next week to see the fam.. i'll be thinking of you.

Tara said...

Our backyard isn't so lush... we don't get that much shade in the evenings but it does take my breath away when I remember to look out the window, go on the deck, or step out on the grass and take a moment to look. I'm hoping it looks better and better.

We aren't too good about harvesting our food. We planted radishes (Gage picked them out) but nobody is interested in eating them... but they sure look nice in the ground.

Megan Potter said...

I wish I had a backyard. But I do have a two potted plants, a jalepeno plant and a cherry tomato plant and then some flowers too:) I can't WAIT till I have a real garden. I have wanted to live off the land since I was at Anasazi- such a simple and healthy life. Did you ever get my comment about how do you post a YouTube video?? We just got a digital video camera and now cant figure out how to post videos to our blog. Can you help?

April said...

megan, what is your email girl? I want to make sure you get this before I write all the instructions..maybe I will hop over to your blog...