Tuesday, June 30, 2009


One of the many reasons why I love Chay:

So Chay is putting on an Elder's quorum Pinewood Derby. His call to be president must have been inspired...because...I'm sure these grown men need to unite and support one another more in their brotherhood by building and racing pinewood derby cars.

I am actually really excited about it...I think it is an awesome idea! The elders of course are excited...trading tools...getting ideas...I already have all these ideas how to make the event super fun! We are going to go Nascar crazy...Someday I hope to be the activities coordinator...that would be the funnest calling in the world...but now my nose is deep into the scriptures every night as I stress over how to teach Gospel Doctrine. Can I please stop being nervous to go to church?

ok Pinewood Derby:

Here is what the handout said that Chay gave to the Elders at church a couple weeks ago. It was taped to a pinewood derby car kit. This is so funny to me:

1st Annual Pinewood Derby Race

It is time to bring your mad Cub Scout Pinewood Derby skills back to life...

What is going on? Pinewood Derby Race

When and Where? To be announced

Are there rules? There will be two classes of cars: Open class mods and the other class will be limited to only 5 oz. weight limit per car without mods such as rocket engines, co2, etc (get it?)

So what do I do? Simply turn this chunk of wood into a fire breathing tire shredding, track burning speed demon.

And...will there be food? Yes. There will be food, awards, and a very small portion of bragging rights distributed.


Calie said...

WOOOHOOO go derby cars! Chay I hope you win. Good luck!

Tara said...

So fun! Chay should definitely be in marketing - very creative and funny!

Tiffani said...

Oh, boy the games begin! I can just see all these men spending hours and hours on these tiny little cars. I think it will be the best event of the year! Keep us posted.

katles said...

Ha! April, I've been blogstalking you for awhile now--Katy Cabbage here. I cracked up at your calling comments. I have been teaching Gospel Doctrine in my ward for the past few months--TOTALLY loved it--and just got called as the Activities Chairman, and am dreading it. Planning activities is a nightmare to me! Ah well...I suppose I have much to learn. But, I'm so excited you get to teach Gospel Doctrine! It has been a WONDERFUL calling and opportunity to study the gospel in a directed, focused way. Have fun!!

The Montours and Carothers said...

Hey april I would've sent you an email, but I don't have your email address! I was wondering how do you post a u-tube video on the blog? I've tried twice and it says "not available" or if I just post the address the movie doesn't show up. How do you get it so the movie shoes up? why is this so hard?
love ya-Megan