Thursday, September 17, 2009

summer in september

ok I have decided to not let go of Summer just yet. I know there is a bunch of you who just love Fall and are all giddy about the crisp air, the excitement of school, pumpkin pumpkin.

I love Fall too I suppose. I just don't love what follows Fall.

I know nothing compares to the first snowfall...where everything is quiet and the world turns white. It's just the whole cold factor that makes me uneasy...and getting my socks wet in the house from tracked in snow can really bother me too.--And the scraping of iced over windows...and the 4:30 A.M paper route nightmares that start out with putting on my socks, then bread bags over the socks, then shoes, 3 shirts, I-pod, and a coat.

Christmas however is magical. I love Christmas. Who doesn't?

Fall is very pretty. The colors are my favorite. And Fall attire is always fun to wear. And of course my terrifying addiction to any combination of pumpkin and sugar...

But as many of you already know and who have read my blog around this time of year: I don't like Halloween. I think it is creepy and unhealthy. Do we really have to stick bloody skeletons on our front porch? And why the murder scene on the front yard? Does that really make you happy? Let's just carve a pumpkin or two, dress up as princesses, and keep it lovely. Can we do that?

I honestly do not get Halloween.

ok back to Summer- I just love Summer. Don't go away Summer. Please! I want to play some more in the sun and let the girls go wild in the back yard. I just love the sock 'less' green grass riding bikes flower garden warm mornings sprinklers carefree days of summer...

I don't know about you but we are still holding out.


Kelly Christine said...

totally agree. i have been begging summer to stay and so far its been listening to me, indian summer up here so far. nothing beats summer dresses, flip flops, the beach, backyard bbqs and a good tan.
i loved halloween as a child and then as an adult decided it was weird and evil but i have decided years back that if everyone else can take over my christmas and easter and destroy the true meaning i could make halloween into whatever i wanted. we do the harvest festival stuff at church and i have an adult costume party every year and have a blast coming up w/ my outfits :)

The Wright Stuff said...

I too am hanging on to summer with all my might! I am soo not ready for it to leave yet. I had to turn my heater on in the car on Sunday night and I was NOT happy about it! Then this morning, I turned the heater on in the house for a few minutes. I think what I dislike the most is that it gets dark so early now! Remember coming out of sports and it being pitch black outside at like 4:30 in the afternoon? That was such a bummer. But, if I look at it with my "optimistic" self, then I would say that I am excited to wear sweaters and jeans and boots again. I love that cozy feeling! And I love all the fall colors! Summer will be back again right? :)