Wednesday, October 07, 2009

7th day

feeling grateful...

loving the sunshine and the snow capped mountains...

can't get over how cute it is to watch the girls make believe together

love the fact that I am approaching 30 and still feel healthy and energetic about was 6 years ago a neurologist told me I would be in a wheelchair by age 30 if I didn't take medication...the evil side of me wants to go find him and give him...the finger. Can I say that?? I can say that right??

I am thankful for the Holy Ghost and His constant, I get them a lot- and when I don't listen right away, He is still there, speaking even louder and louder- He won't leave me alone thank goodness.

Chay is really catching on to this whole 13 days of 30 thing. But he somehow thinks he is going to get 20 days of 29 in March...

Chay brought home a classic for me- wrapped in notebook paper with "for my beautiful wife" written on it.

oh the memories of watching this a million times over when I was younger...this is the best John Cusack of all John Cusack's films. We all wanted a boyfriend like Lloyd didn't we???

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