Tuesday, October 06, 2009

thirteen days of thirty continues

ok so on the 2nd day of 30 I was in Helena, Montana. And I have never been to Helena, Montana before so it was a lovely 2nd day of 30 experience. The people are by far the nicest most kindest people I have ever met. Janna and I made a trip to the Good Samaritan thrift store. I am addicted to thrift stores.

After about 6 or so kind folks started up a conversation with Janna and I, we were finally able to leave the store with our found treasures. Let's just say there wasn't any room for Janna in my car after I got my treasures in.

But check out this cool chair- it needs some major updating but it was a 'you had me at hello' piece of furniture- and then of course only a small town would have a retro window for $7 dollars. Janna snagged one too.

To finish out my 2nd day of thirty, I drove with Janna to Spokane and spent the evening with my siblings- being obnoxious at Appplebees and loving every minute of it. Came home and walked aimlessly around my house- cried till 2 am. missed my mommy...

3rd day of 30- CONFERENCE!!!!!! Oh how grateful I am for the special gift of conference. -Where God's hand is manifested clearly in my life once again and I can do nothing but trust. Although I am gently reminded what I could do better I am more reminded of God's love for me.

That night we ate at a ghetto but good restaurant with Jaynee...and yes, she did Chris Farley for us...oh man I love that girl. Then we took off at 9:30 for Helena. Thank goodness Janna was with me. She kept me awake by trying to convince me to read or watch Twilight...and then she started to tell me about a book she wants to write and I was so intrigued...it was better than book on tape.

on the 4th day of 30

Drove A LOT!!! Thank goodness the Subaru was fixed already. Oh clarification- it wasn't our clunker the Jeep that broke down in Oregon a couple weeks ago- it was the Subaru. Jeep still going strong. Watched Conference again. Drove Drove Drove....resolved some much needed business...drove drove drove and finally made it home...had quite the reunion with my husband...:)

5th Day of 30 I woke up to my children. Oh my beautiful children. I missed them so much. I grabbed them so quickly and put them in bed with me so quickly. Oh the glorious snuggle time and giggles galore. I was in HEAVEN. I love my girls. Oh blessed little girlies.

Chay also gave me an early birthday gift. I am now ready for my own tools... so I will always know where they are...and so I told Chay they had to be pink tools so they wouldn't ever get lost in with his. And they probably won't ever get used by anyone but me because of an embarrassing...pink tool factor.

So here is tool number #1 to my new collection. I can't wait to get a pink drill...I think I will just spray paint it pink for now. ok I'm totally kidding Thanks Honey for the Leathermen.

6th day of 30...

Chay did the paper route and my little Ju Ju went pee pee in the toilet. We had a potty party. Hearing Julia's pee pee tinkle in the toilet water is probably one of the most beautiful sounds a mommy could ever hear. That and the sound of absolute silence of course. Any of you mommies out there agree????

I feel so blessed. Blessed to be me. Blessed to have a hot handsome hard working humble husband. Blessed to have a simple home full of love (most of the time).


Tiffani said...

I love your countdown - very cool!

Marne said...

That's exactly what I asked Chad for Christmas last year: my own tools. And he got me pink ones too! Maybe he gave Chay the idea. :)

I was worried about you...glad you got home okay. Chay talked to Chad twice that night and I was hoping you would get home alright. You had quite the reunion, huh? :) :)

Nice thrift store finds! Those "retro" windows are what we had on our house in Sugar City!

Janna said...

Oh I had so much fun last weekend! And now we having matching windows. Fate! Love you!

Mothership said...

I LOVE the chair. Can't you make that fit into your decor without changing it???

And I'm glad you are healthy. You are a strong girl!

I will respond to your post on my blog soon--I have a few good ideas . . .