Saturday, November 28, 2009

thanksgiving thankful re-cap

I am grateful for plug-in outlets...because my 1949 home doesn't have any! We have extension cords going everywhere.

I am thankful for Kenzie's prayers "love for Mom, love for toys, love for Julia, love for Gage, love for food, love for primary" -so cute

I am thankful for my rice cooker.

I am thankful for Savers Thrift Store. Love that store

I am thankful for Costco. Again, love that store.

I am thankful for my calling because it makes me cry in despair every week. Humbling to the max. I just want to run and hide when I have to teach...why can't I just be the activities coordinator or the music coordinator or the ward canning specialist???

I am thankful for my siblings. Such great normal fun people. so so lucky to have an awesome family.

I am thankful for calculators, on-line bill pay, e-mail, and Google.

Thanksgiving day I get a call from a family member who will be feeding us dinner. She is complaining because she just got the turkey and it was going to take another 8hours before the Turkey will be finished. I kindly suggested the fast and moist way my mom used to cook the turkey- her response, "oh I would never ruin a turkey like that. That is an awful way to cook a turkey- it would dry it right up- turn it harder than a rock." oh. ok. That's weird because my Mom's turkey was perfect every year.... missing my mom like crazy, tears in my I am thankful for humble kind people...and don't mess with my mom's turkeys right now, I'm sensitive.

I am thankful for sunshine

I am thankful for friends who stay true no matter what. They even like me when I can be difficult.

Thankful for the temple.

I am thankful for truth.

Thankful for the scriptures.

I am thankful the family we ate Thanksgiving dinner with started dinner without us and was almost finished when we walked in the door. I was still holding my warm green bean casserole. I was starting to get emotional...but it got worse when no one wanted my green bean casserole...and then it got even more worse when someone took more than 3/4 of my casserole and put it in a tupperware and put it in the fridge and sent me home with an empty dish. I am thankful because never in a million years would I ever do that.

Thankful for Chay's back rub this morning.

Thankful for freedom of speech.

I am thankful for Kenzie's way of articulating her thoughts. "Mom, we are sick. We have a sick bug inside us. But not a Box Elder bug." -so adorable. (Box Elder bugs are a very popular bug down here- invade the house when warm weather comes after it being cold for awhile)

Thankful for Christmas music.

Thankful for hoodies and wool socks.

Thankful I have a jeep and not a handcart.

Thankful for Red Box.

Thankful for middle of the night priesthood blessings.

Thankful for SD cards and digital cameras.

Thankful for Chay's sense of humor.

Around the table on Thanksgiving, the heated topic of Health care reform popped up somehow. It was not me this time. I was not in the mood and plus it was Thanksgiving? Do we really have to bring this up? Plus everyone in the room already knows my "controversial" stand on this finally a lady in the family said, "Nursing homes are full of elderly who just lay there all day...and especially those who deal with dementia- they lay there like a vegetable and yet our tax dollars pay $6000 a month to take care of them?" I then asked her what she suggested the government should do with these patients if they end up running health care. "They need to be euthanized. It would solve a lot of problems." Happy Thanksgiving to you too. I am thankful for those sweet visits I had with my grandma when she was sick with dementia. I am thankful that I value life. I am thankful God is the One who has laid the foundation for my reasonings.

Thankful for Julia's love for sleep.

Thankful I am a Mormon.

Thankful for water heaters.

I am thankful to be a Tomblin.

I am thankful Mom had cancer, so I can be motivated to be healthier.

I am thankful for Kenzie's reminder yesterday, "Thanksgiving is over, so is tomorrow Christmas-giving?

A lot to be grateful for...there always is.


Elissa said...

next year you should come to our thanksgiving dinner. I will happily eat, but not steal your green bean casserole and I will not advocate euthanization. :)

Mothership said...

YOU ARE KIDDING! I'm sorry your day was lousy. I've had a couple of bad Thanksgiving dinners since my marriage. We have learned where to NOT go.

I like Christmas-giving. What a good perspective.

Tiffani said...

Ya should have come to be with us....wish Chay didn't have to work! Too bad about your casserole - that was weird. I enjoyed talking to you on the phone the other night.

Emily Taylor said...

I am thankful for my friend April

Heather said...

I can't believe nobody appreciated your green bean casserole. I do have to say I love the original casserole - not sure why because your description of it was perfect. I do want to make your recipe some time. As for the healthcare conversation - sigh...

I love the list of your thankfuls! I need some more hoodies and wool socks. :)

Calie said...

April I am thankful for you! .I wish you could have been up here for thanksgiving. Just know that you all were in our thoughts that day. I miss you.

Kelly Christine said...

what crazy family did u spend your thanksgiving with? Yikes.

i am glad that u have such a thankful heart :)

Joette said...

that was perfect... I love your writing and I love you. Will you make me mom's turkey next year?

Hollie said...

I am thankful for you April and your blog. What a sweet list!