Wednesday, December 02, 2009

you are what you read

I have been asked by at least 2 people to somehow share the list of blogs I read.

So I guess I will share with you my most favorite blogs. Friends and Family blogs are by far my favorite- I love to read what people are doing with their lives...but besides friends and families- I have a few blogs that I look forward to reading or looking at every day.

ok the first one is Life in The Fun Lane oh my gosh I LOVE THIS lady's HOUSE. It is a "white house" which is my number #1 ideal style of decorating...but I just can't ever imagine pulling it off like this girl can. maybe someday... Scroll down and look...her nursery is DREAMY.

She also has her own business of finding old furniture and painting it white. Here is her website. white berry reinvented

I also have a vintage love inside me Mint and this one is good too Down and Out Chic and this one is fun to look at Eddie Ross and this one is good too
Viva Full House

Vintage clothes with modern twist:

Shabby Apple I want almost every dress here...but I already know they are too short.

Oh so Beautiful Paper is a favorite...because I love stationary and paper.

home decor stuff

beware* don't subscribe unless you are ready for 20-30 posts a day. I love this blog...I just love to see all types of styles home sweet home

Pondering Principles is my favorite conservative blog...because he just shows funny cartoons and doesn't go off writing forever about politics. He is to the point and in my opinion "dead on".

Do it yourself and craft blogs. Some of these are hit and miss- but I have learned A LOT from these blogs and now have a bunch of ideas floating around in my head that I will probably never do. But it is fun to dream right?

Crafty fun stuff:
Centsational Girl
Crafty Nest
homemade by Jill
This one is a favorite Mod Podge Rocks
Creative Crate
DIY showoff

ok I am done. There are probably more on my reader list but I am too tired. I didn't share most of my funny blogs or interesting blogs that would probably bore most... Going to bed. Hopefully you will find some fun ideas.

What blogs do you read????


Tara said...

I'm lame and don't look at blogs outside of family/friends.

Elissa said...

one blog I read is really funny. It's called "Seriously so blessed". The entire blog is satire, making fun of Utah/Mormon culture. Another one I read probably has more of a cult appeal: 999 reasons to laugh at infertility. But somehow it makes you laugh, even when you're trying to cry instead.

Delia D'Nell said...

I agree I like family and friends best, but I really like I just love her photography style. I may also stalk a couple of my friends friends or family blog. These are my favorite:

Tiffani said...

Hooray - thank you April! I can't wait to browse through them.

I have come across some - I will have to gather them for a post down the road.

One recipe blog I enjoy is Great recipes with awesome photos- it makes me hungry.

Tiffani said...

I also LOVE if you are teaching a primary lesson or working with the Young Women or Relief Society - great ideas. I used it every week when I was teaching Sunbeams.

The site is under construction - but is still up and running.

Calie said...

April thanks for sharing these blogs. I dont hardly ever venture out to others except family and friends...but now i know there is a whole new world of blogging thanks to your post. :)

Lindsay Heiser said...

Thanks for the suggestions! I love finding fun new blogs =)